The COVID-19 crisis and the resulting lockdowns have forced the change of training behaviors and fitness demands around the globe. Starting from apps, online live courses, wearables, and more, how have fitness centers adapted to the accelerated industry digitalization, and what’s next in the drawing board? Implications of the pandemic to businesses and daily operations … Read more

In recent times, the utilisation of cloud kitchens by restaurant brands and multibranded restaurants has augmented the growth of the cloud kitchen market. What are some of the key operation costs business owners need to take note of when considering the cloud kitchen model What is the role of technology when managing a cloud kitchen … Read more

Regardless of COVID-19, most F&B companies are faced with challenges such as social distancing, limited manpower and stiff competition. Add to these are trends like ESG (sustainability), robotics and technological advances, and food safety. How are these impacting the future of F&B? Actionable strategies to stay competitive in the food and drinks industry in the … Read more

Vietnam is the emerging destination for international franchisors due to its high economic growth, rapidly rising incomes, large consumer markets, and young population. What contributes to the attractiveness of the Vietnamese market and how do we tap onto this greenfield opportunity? Market entry strategy and how to franchise successfully in Vietnam Franchise agreement and requirements … Read more

When running a franchise, there is a lot to think about, and it is easy to ignore the importance of protecting your intangible assets, especially your franchise brand. Overlooking the need for protection of these intangibles can be costly. Legal issues involved in protecting franchise systems, including the interests of franchisors and franchisees and cross-jurisdictional … Read more

Hear the journey of how a small mom-and-pop stall has been able to transform itself to a successful international franchise in a very short time. How one coffee stall successfully transformed to 150 outlets internationally Keeping up with digital transformation in the modern-day era while retaining the brand’s heritage culture Maintaining brand consistency across international … Read more

Many businesses will take years before they can recover from the impact of the pandemic and return to pre-crisis level. While some were forced to shut its doors, the majority continue to have a strong and positive outlook for opportunities in 2022 and beyond.

  • The franchise outlook in Asia
  • What is the role of the pandemic in bringing about COVID-driven needs and opportunities?
  • How have the challenges of 2020 impacted the franchising sector – especially retail?
  • Ways to implement change that positively impact the business within constrained operating environments and competitive marketplaces
  • Real life sharing from a global franchisor and franchisee perspective

Speaker: Joe Canterbury, Founder, Chaucer Global

In 1978, Kinderland was first established as Yamaha Kindergarten in Marine Parade. It was to meet the raising demands of busy parents, who then seek for a school that could have both music and academic learning in one. Since its beginning, Kinderland has held confidence that music enhances language literacy in young children and provides … Read more

Congratulations to our Cambodia franchisee and team for the opening of their third restaurant, Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen in Phnom Penh! Despite the current global pandemic and challenging situation, this restaurant is officially open after 6 months of hard work, great teamwork and collaboration. Located at Sangkat Beoung Keng Kang 1, Phnom Penh (No. … Read more

Just CutsTM was founded by Denis McFadden on one simple idea – that people want quality style haircuts from a qualified Stylist, at an affordable price. This notion changed the hairdressing industry forever and still remains the purpose of Just Cuts™ today, 30 years on.  Over the years, we’ve listened to the requests of our Clients who … Read more