Capricho Grilled Chicken


What began as a love for strong Latin flavours has transformed and expanded into an obsession with providing our community with flavourful food that is healthy. We believe that food isn't just fuel. it's the zest of life. It's how we celebrate, how we comfort, how we show love. We bring this passion to food that not only fuels your body but inspires you. Our chicken is packed full of flavour. It's marinated in a secret Latin-inspired marinade, grilled on an open flame for that addictive flame-grilled flavour and then basted in our house-made preservative-free sauces. So eating healthy is no longer a sacrifice.

At Capricho Grilled Chicken, we've always strived to be better and push those around us to be better. We focus on sourcing our ingredients locally and utilising suppliers with similar sustainable outlooks. Our chicken is sustainably sourced, free-ranged and quality halal, allowing us to expand our offerings to be more inclusive of our local communities. The addictive Capricho chicken sauce is made in-house from the freshest ingredients. This is the only way to ensure that there are no preservatives in our sauce. We know every component that goes on your plate to ensure that our chicken is only the best for you.



Country Cuisine, Food and Beverage, Food Stall
Franchise / Licensing Country
Singapore , Indonesia , Malaysia , Thailand , Vietnam , China , Hong Kong , South Korea , Taiwan
Min. Investment Required

US$500,001 - US$1 Million

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