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Daekyo Eye Level Singapore is pursuing education suitable for the 21st century talent development based on its Eye Level philosophy. By making endless efforts to innovate customer valued-based services, develop various excellent education contents, build a life-long education base that gives value to life, and lay a foundation for integrated on and offline education, Daekyo Eye Level Singapore is evolving into a specialized world class education company that delivers best quality education services

Enrichment Centres
Franchise Country
Min. Investment Required

Below US$50,000

Key Message

Eye Level is a supplemental education program that originated in Korea about 47 years ago and now has over 2.5 million children enrolled worldwide. Eye Level is the leading provider of supplemental education in the areas of Math and English. Eye Level learning centers strive to teach and tutor children ages 3-16 in basic learning skills.

All concepts and skills in the Eye Level program are interrelated. Mastery of basic foundational skills is necessary before advancing to more complex skills, resulting in improvement of a child's accuracy and speed when completing more complex questions.

Eye Level Singapore helps children achieve their full potential with hopes of a great dream and a brighter tomorrow. With our core philosophy, we instill self-confidence, enjoyment in learning and enhance motivation within every child.