Kskin Facial


Kskin is a Korean Express Facial Salon that caters to both genders where results are produced in 15 minute while being affordable at only $28. No prior appointment is required and there is no package selling. The duration of the facial treatments only requires 15 minutes to ensure skin is refreshed, prepped, and glowing which allows customers to maximize time and achieve skincare goals. The treatment used are the best from Korean skincare solutions. Despite our affordable price tag in comparison to many other beauty salons, quality is assured. 

Beauty , Spa
Franchise Country
China , Thailand , Taiwan , South Korea , Singapore , Philippines , Malaysia , Hong Kong , Japan , Indonesia , India , Worldwide
Min. Investment Required

US$50,001 - US$250,000

Key Message

  1. No Packages, No Hard Selling
  2. No Appointment Required 
  3. No Hidden Costs 


The first outlet was launched in August 2020 and we have a total of 15 outlets as of today 

Kskin is a brand new way of approaching skin care, Kskin is here to help you make your skin a priority.  

Using only products from professional Korean skincare lines, our treatments are carefully crafted to target all your skincare needs from anti-ageing to zits.  

In addition, Kskin has recently won the overall skin category in the SWAS Award for 2022/2023. We believe that great skin requires the effort of consistent upkeep, and our hassle-free facial experience helps you to maximize your time and achieve your skincare goals.