Established in 1983, Seoul Garden has come a long way from its humble beginnings back then, offering a family-style dining concept with an ala-carte menu, to the multi-award-winning business it is today. Through the years, Seoul Garden sees the need to stay agile in the ever-arduous industry to keep up with market demands and to stay abreast of competition – from an ala-carte menu to a now-signature 2-in-1 Grill-and-Hotpot buffet. Taking the leap to introduce a smoke-free dining experience with its proprietary smokeless grill system, as well as enabling healthier dining habits, are key to the brand’s success and sustainability.

We are committed to a greater long-term focus on:

  • Providing a safer dining experience
  • Enabling healthier eating habits
  • Promoting better food quality
  • Building trusting relationships with our customers

Franchise / Licensing Country
China , Indonesia , Philippines , South Korea , Taiwan , Thailand , Cambodia
Min. Investment Required

Above US$1 Million

Key Message


  • The top-of-mind dining venue for celebratory moments where diners get together for any celebratory moments.
  • Corporate & Events: Customizable packages to cater to your event’s needs
  • Enabling healthier habits

Menu with healthier options available, where taste and health co-exist for a better future together

Proprietary marinades and soups - International Korean taste profile

2-in-1 Grill-and-Hotpot Smokeless Grill System

  • Enhanced Grill experience
  • Alongside with Seoul Garden’s roadmap for environmental sustainability