Speech Academy Asia


Speech Academy Asia is Asia’s leading Public Speaking school, with 8 branches across Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. We offer holistic educational services focusing on Public Speaking, Confidence Building and Character Development, to transform both children and adult into exceptional speakers! 

Awarded the Franchisor of the Year Award by FLA in 2018, Speech Academy Asia is seeking aspiring business owners to join us on this paradigm-shifting journey in education. 

Adult Education , Enrichment Centres
Franchise Country
China , Indonesia , Hong Kong , Malaysia , Singapore , South Korea , Philippines , Taiwan , Thailand , Vietnam, Brunei
Min. Investment Required

US$50,001 - US$250,000

Key Message

1. Speech Academy Asia is Asia’s leading Public Speaking school, with little industry competitors. 


2. Asian parents, particularly those in Singapore, as well as our government, have realized how crucial it is for our kids to develop their self-confidence and communication skills. Thus, as more people begin to realize how important it is to cultivate these lifelong EQ abilities, public speaking and confidence-building enrichment classes are growing in popularity and profitability. 



3. The rise in awareness of mental health has caused nations such as Singapore and China to remove unnecessary academic stress in our children. On top of that, there is a prominent shift in the education system, where we prepare the younger generation for jobs of the future. To nurture them for jobs that have yet to be created, we need to educate them to be resilient and adaptive, while honing their innovative little minds. These soft skills will be the long-running fuel they need to help them navigate in the real world where society and jobs change rapidly.