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Gain greater knowledge on the basics and legal aspects of franchising as you attend the conference tracks conducted during the show. Hear from IP lawyers and successful franchise brands!

Schedule may be subject to change.

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Day 1: 12 October (Thursday) | Day 2: 13 October (Friday) | Day 3: 14 October (Saturday)


Theme: Intellectual Property, Brand & Trademark Protection


11.10AM – 12.10PM

Exploiting Your Intellectual Property through Franchising
Robin Yeo, PMC, Senior Consultant / Regional Manager
FT Consulting Pte Ltd

Franchising is essentially about packaging and exploiting your company’s intellectual property (IP) for business expansion locally and in overseas markets. But how do you go about exploiting IP in a way that can achieve sustainable business growth for your organisation?

Through this educational talk, FT Consulting Pte Ltd, with more than 25 years of proven track record in franchise consulting services will provide you valuable insights on how to exploit your IP effectively through franchising for long term business success.

12.20PM – 1.20PM

IP Risks and Obligations for Franchisors and Franchisees
Renee Xavier, Director
Alpha & Omega Law Corporation

A franchisee reviewing a franchise agreement would not be blamed for being taken aback by the sheer volume of content in a franchise agreement. Franchisors too often wonder if such an agreement could be made simpler in order to enhance negotiations rather than put parties on guard. These concerns are understandable and the secret for both franchisor and franchisee lies in understanding the intellectual property risks and obligations of parties in a franchise arrangement and how the agreement is an effective tool to ensure clarity of parties intentions in a franchise arrangement.

Renee will explain the risks and obligations for franchisor and franchisees with regards to respective IP rights.

1.30PM – 2.30PM

Protecting Your Most Valuable IP Assets Overseas
Peter Willimott, Senior Program Officer
Olivier Marquais, Representative
WIPO Office in Singapore

There is no such thing as a world trademark or patent, so what is the best way to protect your valuable intellectual property (IP) such as brands, logos, inventions and designs overseas? In this session the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) will share vital information on how to use its various services to help you apply for the protection you need in your key markets. The topic will also cover the value of arbitration and mediation as dispute resolution options to save you time and money.

2.40PM – 3.40PM

Franchising – A Legal Overview
Max Ng, Managing Director
Gateway Law Corporation

  • Brand, IP & Trade Mark Protection
  • Franchise and other relevant Agreements
  • Country Focus: Malaysia & requirements under the Malaysian Franchise Act

3.50PM – 4.50PM

Franchising Law in Indonesia
Angeline Suparto, Managing Director
Angeline Suparto Law Corporation

The presentation will cover the broad legal framework for investment in Indonesia, including setting up a PMA company, the correct legal structure for franchising in Indonesia and various conditions to be satisfied prior to commencement of the franchised business. The latest franchise regulation in Indonesia will be addressed, in addition to the difference between licensing vs franchising. Other aspects such as avoiding common legal pitfalls in Indonesia, the importance of legal due diligence, and seeking independent legal advice as opposed to hearsay will also be touched on.

5.00PM – 6.00PM

Navigating the Intellectual Property Landscape in Franchising and Licensing: Brand and IP Protection Strategies
Neo Ling Yee, Senior Associate
Bird & Bird ATMD

Every successful franchise is built upon: (1) A tried and tested business model and (2) Strong brand power. Franchising involves placing valuable IP rights and the brand’s reputation that the franchisor has painstakingly established into the hands of a third party. Conversely, a franchisee is keen to ensure that the use of the franchisor’s brand will not expose itself to third party claims or lawsuits.

This talk provides a snapshot of the IP considerations that arise in the context of franchising and IP licensing and the best practices of IP management, beginning with IP protection and recommended actions prior to market-entry; key IP issues to watch when negotiating a franchise agreement; IP management during the franchise term; and post-termination measures.



Theme: New Markets

11.10AM – 12.10PM

Tech Trends in the F&B Customer Experience Journey
Dr. Koh Wee Lit, Founder
Red Hare Studios

Our vision is to create an integrated business operating system to simplify business growth. But there is a long way to go. The current technology scene in F&B is rapidly evolving, many businesses have tried different ideas ranging from customer loyalty to ordering tablets at table. The same technology when applied to different food concepts and countries have yielded very different results. Successful adopters of technology have now acquired a taste of how technology can streamline their operations and retain their customers. However, what are some of the areas where the adoption of technology has been lacking in the F&B industry and what lies beyond this horizon? At the same time, large enterprises have developed custom software to fit their operational needs, so what is preventing a similar transformation for smaller companies?

12.20PM – 1.20PM

Success Stories on Penetrating New Markets
Simon McNamara, Co-Founder and Global CEO
Bounce Inc.

Bounce has opened 15 venues in 10 different countries in the past 3 years. We have learnt significant lessons along the way.

  • How to determine which new markets should be prioritised
  • How to generate interest from potential partners in new markets
  • The importance of selecting the right partner for new markets and how to go about this
  • How do foster a strong working relationship between head office people and the leaders of the new markets
  • Benchmarking performance across different markets
  • How to share best practice with partners across new and existing markets

1.30PM – 2.30PM

Franchising and Licensing Opportunities and Challenges in the Myanmar Market
Thawdar Htwe
Infinity Impact International

With a population of approximately 52 million, Myanmar will be a significant market for many goods and services. As the country modernises, there will be huge opportunities to build infrastructure such as roads, high-rises and power supplies. Thawdar, will explain further with regards to the promising market information for Franchising and Licensing in Myanmar which includes: A market overview and trade data which focuses on the Sectors of Food & Beverages, Education, Entertainment, Consumer goods in retail market etc.

The educational talk will also include information about trade barriers, prohibited and restricted imports, labelling and marking requirements for imports, nature of Myanmar counterparts etc.

Lastly, the promotional difference between Singapore Franchises and other Franchises’ in Myanmar Market.

2.40PM – 3.40PM

Success Formulas for Franchising in the UAE and the GCC
Chef Anthony Russo, President and Founder
Joe Hroch, Vice President
Russo’s Restaurants International

With a non-cookie cutter approach on the “Fresh, Fast and Casual” restaurant concept, Chef Anthony Russo has created an international franchise model and expanded the US based Russo’s New York Pizzeria and Russo’s Coal-Fired Italian Kitchen concepts to new markets with currently 8 locations in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. International expansion has been successful for Chef Russo due to his use of proven business strategies and dedication to his company and to their core values to provide Russo’s customers with the freshest, most authentic New York style pizza and Italian food.  With already more than 50 restaurants developed globally, Russo’s Restaurants International has already secured deals with international franchisees to open another 60 new locations within the next 10 years. Chef Anthony Russo and Joe Hroch will share their first-hand experience on their methods of Franchising in the UAE and the GCC.  No matter the size of your franchise, they will show you that any franchise concept can go global as long as you are prepared and stay true to your core values and principles.

4.00PM – 6.00PM

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Meet & Greet
Russo’s Restaurants International

Meet Chef Anthony Russo, owner and creator of Russo’s New York Pizzeria and Russo’s Coal-Fired Italian Kitchen with locations all over the USA, UAE and Saudi Arabia. Discover the secret behind the success of his restaurants and taste his award-winning creations. Also meet Senior Pizza Chef Vincenzo Lavecchia who will demonstrate dough preparation and tossing.

Come on by, eat some great food and get cooking tips from the World’s Best Pizza Maker!

Meet & Greet with Chef Russo


Theme: Intellectual Property & Overseas Expansion

11.10AM – 12.10PM

Overview of Franchising in Singapore
Andy Leck, Managing Principal, Baker McKenzie Wong & Leow
Tran Manh Hung, Managing Lawyer, BMVN International
Chen Hong Sze, Partner, Wong & Partners
Cahyani Endahayu, Partner, Hadiputranto, Hadinoto & Partners

The presentation will provide an overview of the legal framework on franchising in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.

This overview will include a discussion on the effect and impact of common terms found in franchise agreements and key legal issues that franchisors or franchisees often face. Case studies will also be used to facilitate the discussion on legal issues arising out of the franchisor-franchisee relationship.

The audience will be invited to participate in a Question & Answer session at the end of the presentation.

12.20PM – 1.20PM

Intellectual Property and Franchising
George Hwang, Director
George Hwang LL.C

What is the role of Intellectual Property to the business of franchising and its management? How do they interrelate in a franchise agreement?

The talk attempts to give a quick guide to the objectives of trademarks, confidential information and copyright law. It will also touch on the aspects of intellectual property in relation to a franchise and why franchisors and franchisees need them. Finally, we will examine some of IP-related terms and conditions of a franchise agreement.

1.30PM – 2.30PM

Expanding Your Franchise Overseas
Albert Kong, CFE, CMC, Senior PMC, CEO
Asiawide Franchise Consultants Pte Ltd

Thanks to the ‘flat’ world that we have, when people travel all over the world frequently, and with the fast flow of information via the cyberspace, franchise brands will get noticed by many nationals from around the globe. But is your franchise ready to take the bold step of going overseas? What factors should be considered? What lessons are there?

2.40PM – 3.40PM

Intellectual Property and Overseas Expansion – Risks and Protection
Kevin Yong, Specialist
ABBA Consulting Pte Ltd

Risks are inherent in all operations. In venturing overseas, how do entrepreneurs manage emerging new risks in unfamiliar markets at a minimum cost? This presentation will provide a practical approach in identifying and mitigating critical risks in overseas expansion, franchise and IP.

3.50PM – 4.50PM

Conservative Franchising
Hermanto Karjadi, Director
Jamaica Blue (Universal F&B Pte Ltd)

Jamaica Blue opened the first store in 1992 and with over 25 years of experience, we have learned a mistake or two in deciding what works for our franchisees. Will share experience of penetrating virgin markets like Malaysia etc.

Schedule may be subject to change.