Educational Conference

Gain greater knowledge on the basics and legal aspects of franchising as you attend the conference tracks conducted during the show. Hear from IP lawyers and successful franchise brands!

Schedule may be subject to change.

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Day 1: 24 October (Thursday) | Day 2: 25 October (Friday) | Day 3: 26 October (Saturday)



12.20pm – 1.20pm


Spotlight on Pingu’s English: A case study of a UK pre-school franchise revolutionising the ASEAN region
Sarah McAllister, Global Head of Marketing
Linguaphone Group

Designed for new and experienced investors alike, this informative session will focus on the huge potential of the pre-school education market for franchisees across ASEAN- even for those without previous experience in the education sector. And how as a British brand, Pingu’s English, an international brand from the UK, is meeting the English language training and kindergarten needs of young children and their parents across the region.

The session will highlight Linguaphone Group’s significant growth across South East Asia, where they are already building successful Master Franchise relationships with local partners in Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. It will also share unique advice and insight into the huge potential that the pre-school market offers investors considering entering the pre-school market in Singapore and further afield.


1.30pm – 2.30pm

Legal Considerations for Franchising and Licensing in Indonesia
Angeline Suparto, Managing Director
Angeline Suparto Law Corporation

1. Broad legal framework

    • Franchise Regulations
    • Requirements and Conditions
    • The Franchise Agreement
    • Notable Points

2. Franchising in Indonesia

    • Structuring and getting started
    • Timelines
    • Permitted Franchising Structure
    • Prohibited Franchising Structure

3. Licensing in Indonesia

    • Licensing as an alternative to franchising
    • License Agreement

3. Avoiding common legal pitfalls

  • Important to structure franchise in Indonesia properly from Day One
  • “Market hearsay” must be verified / independent legal advice sought
  • Other relevant issues to consider
  • Key takeaway points


2.40pm – 3.40pm


Establishing a Heritage Brand in a New Market
David Rounsevell, Principal Consultant & Managing Director 
Expense Reduction Analysts (Asia Pacific)

Sometimes being the first in a new market can be daunting for a prospective franchise owner.  Picking a heritage brand and leveraging off the good will from your fellow franchisees in another country can put you on the road to success.  David Rounsevell MD for ERA Asia Pac will step you through the 10 hot tips to making your franchise a success in an emerging market.


3.50pm – 4.50pm

Brand Strategies & the Fundamentals of Franchising
Penelope Ng, Associate
Bird & Bird ATMD

In this session, we will discuss intellectual property and brand strategies as well as key aspects of franchising. Find out about the importance of protecting and managing your intellectual property as you grow your business and expand internationally, as well as some common pressure points and salient issues that typically arise in the negotiation of a franchise agreement.


5.00pm – 6.00pm

Ensuring Best Practices in Franchising & Working to Maximise Franchise Activities in Cambodia
Sarith Hem, President
Thanawat Maneekornjongsiri, Vice President
Cambodia Business and Franchise Association (CamBFA)

Join Mr. Sarith Hem and Mr. Thanawat Maneekornjongsiri for a session on the current economic landscape of Cambodia, the situation of the franchise industry, and learn about great opportunities for international brands that wish to expand their network in Cambodia; particularly amongst the young and medium-higher age population. More foreign franchise brands are set to appear as the rising urban population and surging middle class are seeking international brands.

In this session, learn about the country of Cambodia and find out how you can be a part of the profitable market of their franchise sector.





10.50am – 12.10pm

Digitisation in Franchising the Fintech Way
Dr. Lillian Koh, Ph.D
Founder & CEO, FinTech Academy
Director, Center for Research and Innovation @ NTUitive

How Fintech can help safeguard Franchisors, track performance and support Franchisors to empower their franchisees


12.20pm – 1.20pm

Going International – Things to Look Out For
Albert Kong, CEO
Asiawide Franchise Consultants Pte Ltd  

Every business person wishes to do well and expand their business. However, due to stiff competition and other factors (high rentals, employee salaries, etc.) business owners are increasingly aware of the importance of going overseas, or to go international. However, there are many mine-fields that must be avoided so that the journey towards internationalisation can  be realised without incurring too much costs due to mistakes.


1.30pm – 2.30pm

Franchising versus Licensing: Which Strategy Shall I Use to Expand My Business?
Robin Yeo (PMC, CFE), Regional Manager & Senior Consultant
FT Consulting

  • Key aspects of Franchising and Licensing
  • Key differences between Franchising and Licensing
  • Pros and Cons of Franchising and Licensing
  • When should one use Franchising for business expansion
  • When should one use Licensing for business expansion


2.40pm – 3.40pm

A Future Look into the Franchising Industry
Donna Lee
Founder & CEO, KG World Pte Ltd
President, International Franchise Community

An overview on the Global Franchising Industry with case studies and future insights – how individuals and companies can prepare for the impending changes in the market and tackle future challenges.


3.50pm – 4.50pm


How Hardwork and a Relentless Spirit Can Lead to a Multi-million Franchising Business
Krizzia Ann Tanabe Loyang
CEO & President

This presentation will talk about what we offer and how to become a successful entrepreneur.




11.10am – 12.10pm


The Impact of Technology on Flower Retailing
Joseph YH Soh, Managing Director
Sam Chia, Digital Specialist Pte Ltd

Why own a franchise of Southeast Asia’s Number 1 semi-manned flower and gift retail store, or a garden-themed café? 

In this session, Joseph will introduce to you what and Knots Café and Living is all about. 

Find out how our robust eCommerce platform and strong digital marketing capabilities can drive online awareness and sales for our franchisees, and how digital marketing capabilities will be provided to our franchisee to help them succeed in their business. 

Join us to find out how you can be part of an exciting franchise opportunity.  There will also be a short demonstration on floral arrangement. 


12.20pm – 1.20pm


Omni-channel Customer Feedback for Service and Retail Industry
Trang Le, Deputy Director
Spectos Asia Ltd

Knowing what customers want and how customers think has been the key to assure that businesses run well and are kept up with necessary development.The question to first address is how to better gain customer feedback!

Experiencing different services at different stages, there are different touchpoints customers may communicate or be approached. Omni-channel feedback solutions, which meet different demands and conditions, are necessary to reach customers and to gather feedback. Further integration and customisation can accelerate the usage by customers at their convenience.

Ask customers directly about where and when they are in the best condition to answer your questions!

At FLAsia 2019, Trang will help you create better customer experiences by measuring and refining customer touchpoints across every channel for the service and retail Industries.


1.30pm – 2.30pm

Intellectual Property and Franchising
George Hwang, Director
George Hwang LLC

Franchising is a business model highly dependent on the Intellectual Property a franchisor possesses. In this talk, George Hwang explains the inter-relationship between a franchise and its Intellectual Property and why it is the Intellectual Property of a franchise which a potential franchisee is interested in.


2.40pm – 3.40pm

Franchising: A Legal Overview
Max Ng, Managing Director
Gateway Law Corporation

One of the key considerations in relation to buying and operating a franchise is probably your access and the right to market and sell goods or services that are widely-known, if not already famous. Such goods and services tend to have a particular quality and standard that the public has come to know and trust. More often than not, a franchise thus gives you instant name and brand recognition, which is arguably the essence of almost every franchise.

Having a deeper understanding of how trade marks go hand-in-hand with the franchise and your rights and obligations with respect to the franchisor’s trade marks, is valuable to the long-term sustainability and success of your franchise. This session aims to go through these rights and obligations, and also provide a basic understanding on the law of trade marks, and the overall importance of IP management if time permits, we will also discuss the specific franchise laws in  countries such as Malaysia and Vietnam.


3.50pm – 4.50pm


Challenges of Going Global: Logiscool, the European coding network for kids and teens
Gyula Csitari, Co-Founder & Strategy Director
Logiscool Ltd

  • Why is teaching coding for kids more important than ever?
  • How do we prepare our children for a digital future, for jobs that don’t even exist today?
  • How can a franchise model be at the same time a good business AND have real social impact?
  • Why has Logiscool the best platform to convert coding to games, learning to fun and challenges to success?
  • What are the challenges of international expansion?
  • What is the best master franchisee we are looking for?



Schedule may be subject to change.