Candice Cheng

National Director

Company: Expense Reduction Analysts

Candice Cheng is the National Director of Expense Reduction Analysts Singapore with 30 years of training and consulting experience, and in key management positions in multi-billion businesses for more than 24 years. Her strengths include increasing client retention through memorable client experience strategies, improving business productivity through enhancing team synergy and building organisational resilience to achieve peak performance.

She is also a Communication Expert, Master Trainer, Self-Empowerment Specialist, International Speaker and Author with years of proven expertise to provide the leadership, the voice and the programmes.

Candice is the recipient of the Singapore Lady of Excellence Award and the Singapore Golden Brand – Entrepreneur Award in Nov 2021. She is on a personal mission to impact 50,000 professionals, empowering them to transform their own lives and live their dreams to the fullest.

Right now, we are focused on helping organizations navigate through uncertain times to optimise profits and illuminate opportunities. We provide value through insight and this is the culmination of 30 years of experience, with the unfair advantage of having mastered all the best practices in multiple industries, and the expertise of more than 1000 worldwide experts all in one house…delivered with one single promise!

No savings, no fee.


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