Christine Chan

Head of Retail Planning

Company: Sunway Malls

Christine Chan is an experienced professional in the shopping mall leasing industry with over 15 years of dedicated expertise. Throughout her career, she has developed a specialization in retail planning, honing her skills in this area for over a decade. Her primary focus lies in the pre-development planning of shopping malls and other retail developments under Sunway Mall. 

Christine's role encompasses various crucial aspects of mall conceptualization and development. With her extensive knowledge and experience, she contributes to strategic planning of retail layouts and designs, creating visually appealing, functional spaces and conducive to a successful shopping experience.  

Through market research, competitive analysis, and industry insights, she leverages her expertise to curate and plan for a well-balanced tenant mix that caters to the preferences and demands of the mall's target audience.  

Her dedication to retail planning, tenant mix optimization, and collaborative approach ensures that Sunway Malls consistently deliver outstanding shopping experiences and thrive in the ever-evolving retail landscape. 


18 Aug, 14.05 PM - Panel Discussion: Finding the Best Premises and Successful Lease Negotiation Strategies for Franchise Businesses