Danny Lee

CEO APAC and Global Supply Chain

Company: Gong Cha International

Danny Lee is a veteran in the F&B business starting as an operator and entrepreneur with global brands such as Papa John’s, Popeyes and Five Guys for 30 years. He is responsible for taking lead in all business functions to support the growth of Pizza, Fried Chicken and Burger segments in Asia.

Being able to be on both sides representing franchisor and franchisee, Danny is able to manage the stakeholders views as the brand guardian as well as optimizing the profitability of an investor.

Danny’s coverage in Asia Pacific stretches from Hawaii to New Zealand.  His vast experience on different cultures, economic conditions and operating environment helps to navigate and adopt best practices locally while keeping the brand’s integrity.     


27 Oct, 11.30 AM - Fireside Chat: Franchise Landscape 2022: An Update