Kelvin Tan


Company: Speech Academy Asia

He has consecutively won multiple 1st place awards for Story Telling competitions and was also a professional singer and actor. He is also the winner of the 2018 Franchising and Licensing Association of Singapore (FLA) Award - Best Franchisor Award.

The combination of his stage performance and communication skills catapulted his climb up the corporate ladder. He achieved top sales lead as a professional exhibition organizer and was later headhunted by many Multinational Corporations, Singapore publicly listed companies and major rival competitors.

The company he worked for used his sales results as a benchmark to set the standard commission rates for their sales staff. He was appointed as a consultant to Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) while concurrently running Speech Academy Asia. He is currently the Chairman of the Marketing and Publicity Committee for the Basketball Association of Singapore (BAS) - which is the governing association for the sport in the nation.

Kelvin strongly believes that self-development and training in soft skills such as Public Speaking, leadership and charisma, can actually be honed one step at a time. With this belief in mind, he aspires to teach everyone that has the desire and will to learn these skill sets. He has trained countless of leaders in corporate communications in and across Asia such as Malaysia, India, Vietnam, China and also Indonesia


17 Aug, 14.50 PM - Panel Discussion: The Franchising Landscape in Singapore