Panelists: Andy Leck Kherk Ying Chew Manh Hung Tran Cahyani Endahayu Bienvenido Marquez III Reena Mitra-Ventanilla Say Sujintaya Siranya Rhuvattana Chadd Concepcion The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted different sectors of the franchise industry across the Asia Pacific region. Whether you are an established franchisor, an emerging franchisor, or a start-up, a holistic approach to franchise … Read more

Meet the Founder & CEO of the first and only indoor axe throwing range, gain insight on how they grew the business and overcame the challenges during the pandemic.

Ms. Donna Lee will touch on why we should invest in franchising especially during these times and a short glimpse on the insights of the future of franchising.  People these days are seeking ways to increase their income, wealth and better manage their financial risk.  Why franchising?  How then can we pivot one’s own portfolio … Read more

n an increasingly competitive market, what’s critical to success is having a strong intellectual property (IP) position that empowers business leaders to capture new opportunities while avoiding costly mistakes. Find out how your intangible assets differentiate your business from others by: Owning and protecting your trademarks, trade secrets, patents, designs, copyright and broader intangible assets … Read more

Some leaders seem to have it easy when managing a business team or work group while achieving great success. Is it knowing one’s personality and using it to suit the people working for and/or under you that marks the differences? Or is it the management of various personalities in your business/ team? Look no further … Read more

Buying a franchise involves making a large financial investment to secure the rights to operate an established “tried and tested” business under the franchisor’s brand, systems and intellectual property.  From the franchisor’s perspective, it is important that its brand reputation and quality of products, services and operations are maintained by its network of franchisees. In … Read more