Inspired by our brand essence: savouring happy moments, we desire to share The Grumpy Bear experience with a wider span of guests and business partners island wide; and eventually across the region.

Birth of The Grumpy Bear

Before the birth of The Grumpy Bear café, we franchised two well-known brands. One of them offered ready-to-eat chicken, pastas, waffles, and ice-cream at suburban shopping centre Thomson Plaza.

However, due to insufficient footfall, we saw poor sales. At that time, Thomson Plaza was quite remote and secluded, with no convenient means of transport in the vicinity. Guests saw our franchise as more of an occasional treat than a regular haunt. After over a year of unsatisfactory sales, we decided to end the franchise. This move paved the way for a new venture, where we began to explore different cuisine options which could potentially draw crowds despite the location. Following the consultation of multiple sources from professionals and market surveys, we finally recognized that Western cuisine was the most ideal type of cuisine to serve.

This is how our Western café concept was conceived, named The Grumpy Bear, and launched in July 2017. Ever since then, our sales have soared by more than 250%, and continue to rise over the years. Our food has worked its magic unfailingly on countless hungry, grumpy people, testified by numerous positive reviews from guests. Presently, we have expanded to two more outlets at Kebun Baru Community Club and Bukit Timah Plaza; with more to open soon in the near future.

Why the name?

Our name, The Grumpy Bear, stirs curiosity. We’re often asked, why such a name for a nice and cozy cafe? Let us share the story.

You know how the saying goes: a hungry person is a grumpy person. The same goes for bears. After all, the hunt for good food is universal. We truly believe in the wonder of happy bellies. In fact, the world will be a better place if everyone had great food!

So here at The Grumpy Bear, we aim to make your day better by creating food so good that it satisfies the hungriest, grumpiest beings that exist out there. Savour simple comfort Western fare at its best in our laid back, casual atmosphere primed for you to kick back, relax and indulge in no-holds-barred eating. Don’t hold back with a big burp at the end – it’s music to our ears. 

Dish Specials

We offer 11 types of signature chicken, 6 types of pasta dishes, and many other delectable mains such as Steak, Fish & Chips and Grilled Salmon. Our Signature Chicken range offers chicken grilled to tender, juicy perfection or fried in batter to a golden brown, then served with a sumptuous side of fries and salad.

Recommendations from the range include: Cajun Chicken, Bear Spiced Crispy Chicken and Chili Crab Chicken. As for our pastas, spaghetti is tossed in fresh herbs and spices, truly a harmony of flavours and culinary finesse.

We also have an exclusive variety of baked specialties such as the Oven-baked Chicken Crenmolata, and Bacon & Mushroom Alfredo.

To add, our dishes are customizable! Guests can choose from various dish upgrades like switching up to cajun fries, adding sautéed mushrooms and more.

We also have desserts, drinks and snacks like the Krispy Karaage, Buttermilk Waffle, and milkshakes to cater to those seeking a light afternoon treat, post-meal goodie or a quick bite.

Essentially, the menu concept was curated with an aim: to satisfy consumers with Western cuisine they can identify as comfort food.

All our dishes are culinary masterpieces crafted by our Executive Chef, Richard Low, who holds 30 years of culinary experience in Western cuisine.

Our outlets

Our cafe has expanded across 3 outlets in Singapore, with more to open soon. They are located at: Thomson Plaza, Kebun Baru Community Club and Bukit Timah Plaza. With MRT stations like Upper Thomson MRT, Mayflower MRT and Beauty World MRT close by respectively, getting there is convenient.

A family poses in front of The Grumpy Bear’s storefront at Thomson Plaza shopping centre. All the magical moments of fun, laughter and joy began at this very outlet!

Set in a warm, cozy and welcoming rustic cafe setting, our ambience and interior inspires shared moments of joy and camaraderie among guests and their loved ones as they savour quality dishes crafted with love and dedication.

To optimize the overall guest experience, we go beyond our food and constantly strive to enhance other key factors: service, ambience and so on.

Hence, after their dining experience at The Grumpy Bear, diners tend to long for the unique feel of conversations with cuisine here. This is how we find ourselves welcoming returning guests frequently.

Truly, The Grumpy Bear is the perfect place to celebrate life’s delicious moments with family and loved ones.

Customer Testimonials

Since The Grumpy Bear’s birth, we have garnered positive reviews and feedback from plenty of happy, satisfied guests.

Here are some of the reviews:

Met a colleague here and just wanted Western on TGIF night. Well, quite impressed with the Cheesy Chicken and Truffle Chicken. The chicken chops were well marinated, cooked well to perfection, juicy and succulent. Tried my colleagues truffle mushroom sauce and indeed yummy. Ordered the mushroom soup and well blended, wished there was garlic bread to dip along. If this quality of Chicken chop is maintained well, definitely will pop by again to try other variants. Staff were polite and attentive, kudos to the chef, really savoury Chicken chop, if only I had stomach for another. 🙂 – Nicholas Chua.

“ First time visiting this place. Very nice experience with the place. Staff are very friendly. My son has requested us to make reservation for coming Sat for his birthday dinner outlet. Food wise is a thumbs up for the mushroom soup especially. Ice lemon tea is homemade type not those sponsored drinks, good try too. Waffle is good too. Too much good stuff here. Will try other on menu this coming Sat.”– Josephine Foo.

Franchising / Expansion Opportunities

The Grumpy Bear has a strong brand value proposition with creatively appealing concepts and a good franchise support system ideal for potential franchisees. We envision to develop our own unique Singapore brand to create great dining experiences for diners and desire to share this vision with our franchisees. Fundamentally, we are dedicated to building an effective and successful franchise business model with outlets island wide, and eventually across the region.

As we specialize in chicken chops, with 11 mouthwatering flavours to whet your appetite, many guests have recognized our chicken chops as the best in the market. To improve sales and profitability, we have seen success in our ventures, such as creating a few virtual brands. Our ability to cater to a wide & loyal customer base, to stay afloat in crisis and our unceasing dedication to optimize guest experience sets the ground for excellent growth opportunities.

The Grumpy Bear’s Brand Concept is driven by three brand pillars:

#1: Source of Happiness, #2: Savouring Connections, and #3: Comforting Western Delights for Everyone.

Pillar 1:- Source of Happiness:

A vibrant café experience centered around fun, comfort, and authenticity, serving

up an experience that would bring a smile to the grumpiest bear! This is testified by our strong, ongoing commitment to ensuring high-quality standards in the preparation, creation and innovation of our food as well as our excellent service. Our marketing strives to keep ahead of interesting festivals/themes for social media posts and promotions.

Pillar 2:- Savouring Connections:

Creating an ambience where diners can share the simple joys of life with loved ones, igniting conversations and creating bonds. Diners can enjoy great dining experiences and services in a comfortable setting with dedicated and trained service staff who are motivated to go the extra mile.

Pillar 3:- Comforting Western Delights for Everyone:

Serving simple Western comfort food at its best; indulgent, accessible and fuss-free. Our affordable, consistent quality Western comfort food is available for dine-in, takeaway as well as delivery options; via easy and simple payments and ordering modes.

Our brand tagline, “Savouring Happy Moments”, was derived from The Grumpy Bear’s Brand Distillation.

The images below feature our Brand Direction, Brand Promise, and Brand Essence. We believe all these are key to a strong branding foundation, which in turn enhances our franchising efforts.

Our Strengths

  • Our cafe has expanded across 3 outlets in Singapore, with more to open soon in the near future.
  • Close to half a decade’s worth of expertise and experience in the F&B and cafe industry.
  • Team of skilled sous chefs trained and led by our Executive Chef with more than 30 years of experience in Western cuisine to curate great food.
  • Commitment to high quality and fresh ingredients with strong quality control.
  • Constant upgrading of chef’s culinary skills; reinvention of menu and creation of new creative Western specials.
  • Repeat purchases from both loyal and happy customers testifying to our quality, fuss free, value-for-money dishes.
  • Strong loyalty member base of over 2,000 members.
  • Wide customer base as our food appeals to family, students, kids, office crowds; as well as young adults and the elderly.
  • Ability to thrive even in the midst of crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic via:-
  • Strong Leadership and Management to rapidly adapt and adopt systems and technology required and suitable for growing the F&B business in a crisis.
  • Strong collaborations with notable institutions which include: DBS, UOB, CIMB, M1, Singapore Civil Service, NTUC, Popular, MeRewards, educational centres like Learning Point, Hua Cheng and many others.
  • Effective Engagement of multiple sales channels to boost sales including Online, Delivery and Mobile-friendly Platforms.
  • Develop and Establish various virtual brands.
  • Effective & Innovative Marketing strategies.

With years of experience and expertise gained from franchising, all franchisees can look forward to receiving full, dedicated support from us in all areas: from the operations, expenditures, to Marketing efforts and most importantly, the growth of your franchise.

We equip all aspiring F&B owners and franchisees with the tools and knowledge necessary to run a business that holds up to our high standards. Here’s a preview of what we offer:

  • Support which begins from sourcing venue to operate, space planning, renovation, set up to after store opening.
  • Intensive initial training for both FOH and BOH.
  • Quarterly menu refreshes: to introduce new dishes and improve existing menus through a team of competent Sous Chefs led by an experienced Executive Chef
  • Preferential rates for the 1st two franchisees in Singapore.
  • Preferential rental rates for rentals from our own commercial properties, available across various locations in Singapore.
  • Assistance in identifying viable government grant applications and claims to reduce business costs.
  • Strong Marketing support; free collaterals and promotional posters.
  • On-going monthly business reviews with Franchisor at HQ to gather feedback, new products, performance, and marketing updates.
  • Regular audits to improve franchisee sales performance and profitability.
  • Help in hiring of staff, providing outlet manager to support during initial phase if required.

We are the only one or few Franchisors who provide such comprehensive and elaborated support to franchisees.

For more information, kindly reach out to Mr. Lee at +65 9692 6910 or +65 9787 2221, or email [email protected].