ALVOLO STORY 2005 Pizza is both a dish and a science. When you think of pizza, it is generally undervalued as a fast food that causes obesity and is unhealthy. However, pizza is actually more nutritionally superior than we think, and is a scientifically fermented food. It is true that most of the pizza in Korea is commercialized in the American style, so it has become standardized and a stimulating food compared to the manual. My brother and I have majored in cooking and we have combined Korean pizza with traditional Italian pizza, creating a homemade well-being pizza that suits our taste. We would like to encourage many people to recognize that pizza is a healthy dish and a scientific food.

The birth of Alvolo, brother’s story Pizza opens the door to a new world. My brother and I have loved airplanes and the skies ever since we were young. Just like the Wright brothers who gained success by inventing the first plane, we also would like to present our dreams and passion to make the world’s most delicious pizza. That is how ‘ALVOLO,’ which means to fly, to fly’ in Italian, was born. We want to provide the best taste and service unique to Pizza Al Volo and would like to show everyone how Pizza Alvolo is gradually soaring, giving Exhibitor Profile people hopes and dreams.

Franchise / Licensing Country
China , Indonesia , Malaysia , Singapore , Taiwan , Thailand
Min. Investment Required

Below US$50,000

Key Message