Bodystreet is the world's market leader in EMS boutique studios. These are small fitness studios that concentrate on very specific demands of certain target groups. Bodystreet is a specialist for training efficiency and uses electro-muscular stimulation, or EMS for short. This technique originated from sports medicine and astronautics and is characterised by an extraordinarily efficient workout. This efficiency leads to our slogan: 20 minutes once a week is all it takes!

The Bodystreet Franchise-Concept has already won numerous awards – such as “Best German franchise system of the year” and “Green Franchise Award”. As an international franchise system, there are already over 300 Bodystreet studios in 7 countries. In just few Years Bodystreet has revitalised the fitness market and made EMS one of the most important trends in the fitness-industry. Over 180,000 Personal training sessions are carried out per month, with the Bodystreet methode. These records are unique all over the world.

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Franchise / Licensing Country
Min. Investment Required

US$50,001 - US$250,000

Key Message

One business idea – many winners

The Bodystreet fundament is based on sustainability. This makes Bodystreet to be attractive as a business model due to resource efficiency (minimum use of energy, less space consumption or Minimum emissions). This eco-efficient basic orientation is continuously developed further by us.

Most of the Bodystreet core processes in the studios are digitalised. This enables us to deliver, a high quality of customer experience and touch points. In this account Bodystreet is known as innovative, modern, constantly ahead, and future proof. Just to name few aspects: the Bodystreet app, monitoring the training results, the Bodystreet smart wear,  and the new global website.

At Bodystreet you´ll never walk alone. An active, strong relationship between franchise partners and franchise headquarters is the core of joint success. The Bodystreet franchise head office provides our franchisees and their employees with a comprehensive service portfolio so they can concentrate on the core processes in their studios and their growth. This minimises the risk in Entrepreneurship, whilst using the competitive advantage of a strong brand. Fair play- Franchise is high regarded at Bodystreet, to ensure this everyone must be united by a deeply rooted culture as well a high level of mutual respect, awareness of responsibility and brand values.