The basic concept is the restaurant-style interior that ordinary citizens visit most familiarly and comfortably in Korea. In addition, the traditional table setting of Korean bars is matched to rural areas, residential alleys, and all places in the city center. And for a modern sense and atmosphere, we are running a restaurant service business while maintaining bright lighting and clean ventilation facilities.

We maintain and supply the skills and know-how to maintain the highest quality of texture through our own factory production process of pork belly, famous for K-food.

It specializes in traditional Korean cuisine called "Makchang," which has been eaten for a long time, and currently has brand power that is highly popular with customers as a signature menu along with pork belly.

We have developed sauces and powders and are supplying them to domestic merchants and overseas.

Franchise / Licensing Country
Japan , Singapore
Min. Investment Required

US$500,001 - US$1 Million

Key Message


We are a Korean barbecue franchise company and operate 100 Korean franchises and one Japanese franchise with signature pork belly and "makchang (some of pork and beef intestines)" among traditional Korean barbecue foods. It operates a meat processing HACCP plant and is expanding the opening of franchises nationwide by developing its own processing production, logistics systems, and menus and interiors. In addition, we are preparing to open the second Japanese franchise and the first Vietnam as overseas businesses, and are planning to develop HMR products and do Internet shopping businesses.