Chewy Junior


It takes 4 bites to finish a cream puff. At Chewy Junior, we promise to make every bite worthwhile.

Chewy Junior puffs were first created in 2007 through the combination of recipes from two countries. Too tasty to be kept a secret, we discovered that the best way to savour our puffs is be sharing them!

Our cream puffs are crafted from the finest ingredients and served fresh from the oven. We hope that every chewy munch shared with your loved ones will bring a smile and spread the message: giving is receiving, sharing is happiness.

Every day is a day worth celebrating. Share a cream puff with your loved ones and pass on the happiness!

Bakery / Confectionary, Cafe & Bar, Food and Beverage
Franchise / Licensing Country
Indonesia , Malaysia , Philippines , Singapore , Thailand , China
Min. Investment Required

US$50,001 - US$250,000

Key Message

15 years established in Singapore, with proven operating system that can maintained quality and a unique product that can be sustainable.

Competitive pricing with high quality product than can innovate quickly and reach out to the mass and sells in volume.

Simple and compact operations that train staffing easily and easy to scale.