Coffee Planet


Coffee Planet is a next-level café experience - a fusion of the World's finest 100% Arabica specialty coffees and the rich theme and heritage of the Arabian Peninsula. Our premium grade coffees are a taste experience like no other - rich aromas, complex taste profiles and a soothing finish. We source the World's finest coffee beans direct from farmers in over 20 countries and roast them to perfection in our roastery in the UAE. Proud of our homeland, our café designs showcase regional landmarks and tell our guests of our history and focus. We believe that everybody in the World deserves the opportunity of tasting this superior coffee - and that is our mission.

Franchise / Licensing Country
India , Indonesia , Hong Kong , Malaysia , Singapore , Europe
Min. Investment Required

US$50,001 - US$250,000

Key Message

Now trading in over 20 countries in foodservice / HORECA, roastery and retail, Coffee Planet is now focused on bringing ambitious growth plans to the High Street in strategic and developing territories.


Our premium, specialty-grade coffees are a level above traditional operators and it is our mission to ensure that everybody gets the chance to taste these superior blends.


Specialty Arabica coffee is the growth segment in the global coffee industry - and we combine our modern approach to roasting with the heritage of 500 years' worth of coffee expertise on the Arabian Peninsula - our home in the United Arab Emirates. We aim to bring our finest global Arabica coffee to everyone - roasted and delivered perfectly, every time.