CUBE Boutique Capsule Hotel


Travel is now a part of life, and where travel occurs, accommodation abounds. Smart, savvy travellers traverse widely and hold clear expectations on their accommodation needs. Dull traditional hotels fail to captivate and unsophisticated capsule hostels are shunned. CUBE Boutique Capsule Hotel delivers right in that gap, pioneering contemporary hotel experiences brimming with energy.

Born from a need for affordable accommodation in prime tourist areas typically dominated by expensive hotel options, CUBE Boutique Capsule Hotel is transforming the hotel experience for smart, savvy travellers, consistently delivering a modest, secure and immaculate solution.


With proven results, a vision to provide amazing accommodation experiences to travellers all across the world, and if you have a property you wish to turn around, CUBE can journey together with you to systematically accelerate business growth.

Franchise / Licensing Country
China , India , Indonesia , Japan , Hong Kong , Malaysia , Philippines , Singapore , South Korea , Taiwan , Thailand , Europe, US
Min. Investment Required

US$500,001 - US$1 Million

Key Message

CUBE Boutique Capsule Hotel offers a unique franchising opportunity in the Hospitality sector.  CUBE offers the following unique value propositions to franchisees:

1.Trusted and Proven Brand

Gain instant access to a credible and well-managed brand as Singapore’s largest capsule hotel chain. Our hotels have proven financial performance and are overseen by an illustrious management team.

  1. Comprehensive Property Improvement Plan

Optimise the real estate and start operating through Franchisor providing:

  • Strategic assessment of property suitability
  • Developing property improvement plan
  • Consultation / guidance on modular prefabrication; efficient set-up and downtime reduction to Franchisees.
  1. Robust strategies to maximise room occupancy

Franchisees focus on tip-top service and operations while the Franchisor strategically manages, secures bookings before hotel opening, increases and maintains brand visibility via:

  • Centrally managed Reservation System and OTAs
  • Branding building and marketing initiatives
  • Complementary partnerships and tie-ups

4.Lean and Efficient operations

Acquire operational & management know-how to deliver quality service, enhance guest satisfaction and operating efficiency through the following:

  • Comprehensive onboarding programmes
  • Established operating standards
  • Dedicated Franchisor’s team support

5.Continuous Innovation and Improvement

Stay relevant and appeal to guests, maintaining growth momentum through technology and initiatives from the Franchisor to:

  • Manage hotel operations and enhance productivity
  • Improve guest experience and guest engagement