GymKraft brings active-movement sports closer to the masses, where everyone can come together and train in various sports within a facility. Adopting the Olympic Games' motto of "Faster, Higher, Stronger", it is our vision to provide an opportunity for all Krafters to keep challenging themselves and improving their skills. We are now home to a multitude of activities throughout the year, including Gymnastics, Parkour, Trampoline, Aerial Arts and wrestling

Franchise / Licensing Country
Min. Investment Required

US$250,001 - US$500,000

Key Message

We are Singapore’s largest recreation gymnastics centre with 2 outlets at Kallang Wave Mall and at Yo:Ha Commercial at Tampines. We also expanded to 2 overseas branches in Vietnam, in Ho Chi Min and Hanoi.

We aim to be the leading gymnastics centre in Singapore and to be TOP OF MIND of parents when they decide to let their kids sign up for enrichment activities outside of school.

We became the largest gymnastics because of

  • Our exceptional customer service by our front desk and coaches. Not only were we able to adapt quickly during in times of lockdown during COVID, our staff are able to quickly turnaround and notify all parents less than 24 hours, and set up dedicated ZOOM classes for different segment of our customers. Timely communication with our customers are key.
  • Our In-house gymnastics syllabus and awards system (Gymkraft Gymnastics Proficiency Awards, or GPA in short) caters to both recreational and competitive gymnasts at all levels. Our GPA is held bi-monthly and each student is awarded a certificate and medal for their hard work and effort. This will further motivate kids to continue working towards the next award.