Hu Xu Zhang


Formosa Chang is the No.1 brand of Lu Rou Fan(braised pork rice) restaurant in Taiwan and it is also a must-eat food not only for locals but also for tourists from all over the world.

We are a company that has a history of over 60 years, which was developed from a street vendor to a company that has been verified with international quality systems. We currently own 70 restaurants in Taiwan, 1 in Japan and still expanding.

Due to the lift restriction on foot-and-mouth disease on June 2020, and our new headquarter and central kitchen had been launched, we can now actively expand foreign markets.

Country Cuisine, Fast Food, Restaurant
Franchise / Licensing Country
Singapore , Japan
Min. Investment Required

US$250,001 - US$500,000

Key Message

We are the Top 1 braised pork rice restaurants in Taiwan with a history of 63 years.

We have a complete system of opening restaurants including managing, training and store design.

We have a headquarter/central kitchen that complies with global food safety standard to support our partners.