iMakan is Singapore’s leading F&B Self Ordering Solutions provider.  

iMakan empowers the food service industry with digital ordering tools, solving manpower shortages and revolutionizing the dining experience. Constantly pushing for innovation, iMakan's self-ordering solutions bring efficiency, convenience, and success to restaurants and cafes.

POS, Retail Technology, Solution Providers, Supplier & Services
Franchise / Licensing Country
Min. Investment Required

Below US$50,000

Key Message

iMakan provides highly easy-to-use, reliable and highly integrative self-ordering solutions, such as self-ordering kiosks and QR ordering to F&B merchants to tackle manpower challenges & improve ordering efficiency 

iMakan’s self-ordering solutions are able to handle complex F&B menus with multiple layers add ons / modifiers and on top of that, are able to provide upselling suggestions to customers to boost order sizes 

iMakan self-ordering solutions can cater to all your integration needs such as integrations to POS systems, delivery platform integration, kitchen printers/displays, cashless/online payment, etc.