We served Bunsik with Gimbap and meals.

Gimbap is Korean style maki sushi or buritto. It is easy to make and easy to eat. Most famous Korean snack and fast food. And most famous picnic food in Korea. Koreans are love to eat Gimbap with Ttokbbokki(spicy rice cake) or instant ramen. So we have these too. Bunsik originally means food made with flour. Gimbap and Bunsik are soul food for Koreans.
And also we have some authentic meals too. Traditional soup and Rice.

Now, Gimbap and Bunsik are one of key items in K-culture too. We also support actors and actresses and many other artist too. We also make youtube contents with songs and dances. It
can help promote our brand too.

In 2017, we went to USA for researching. And we got some ideas for improve our systems. We try many machines all around world and make new system. Semi-Automatic Gimbap
cooking system. Now our system became business standard. Other brands are copying our system. And use machines for cooking. But some of them try other cheap machine and failed. We tested every machine in the world and delicately select. We can proudly say that Our system is best for doing our business. Less labor cost and Less labor intensity with same quality.

Franchise / Licensing Country
Singapore , Indonesia , Hong Kong , Malaysia , Philippines , Thailand
Min. Investment Required

US$50,001 - US$250,000

Key Message

YUMSEM Co., LTD.  K-roll YUMSEM is Bunsik restaurants franchise which run 240 restaurants in South Korea.

Past 4 years, we've open more stores and close less stores than other major brands in our business. By continue developing our franchise system and brand, we have grown to become the No.3
brand in Korea. The top two brands has been closing more stores than opening new one in the past years and no overseas expansion system compared to us.

We have been preparing overseas expansion since 2015. Finally, we opened our first overseas restaurant called K-ROLL YUMSEM in Taiwan in August 2020.