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Established in 1976 by Kip and Dugnea McGrath in Maitland, NSW Australia, Kip McGrath is a renowned educational institution dedicated to providing a brighter future for children struggling with their education. With the belief that "every child can learn, they just need to be taught properly," Kip McGrath's mission began in a humble family garage, where local children received personalized tutoring in literacy and numeracy. 

Through Kip's innovative remediation learning system, children's learning gaps were identified and addressed, leading to the creation of personalized programs tailored to their specific needs. As the CEO Storm McGrath proudly states, this core belief propelled the expansion of Kip McGrath Education Centres globally, transforming the lives of millions of children and their families by enhancing their English and mathematics skills. By improving these fundamental skills, Kip McGrath has enabled access to better education, ultimately resulting in improved life opportunities. 

Today, Kip McGrath is a global family of over 560 passionate and qualified teachers, operating in 20 countries. Guided by Kip's enduring principle that a child in need requires a motivating and guiding teacher, Kip McGrath's tutoring centres continue to thrive and impact communities worldwide. As the demand for English and maths skills continues to grow and children increasingly recognize the power of education to shape their life stories, Kip McGrath remains committed to expanding its reach in established regions while venturing into new areas. 

Discover the transformative power of Kip McGrath and join our global network of dedicated educators, empowering children to unlock their full potential and create a brighter future through education.

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Founded in 1976 

More than 560 centres globally 

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