Kskin is Singapore’s #1 Korean Express Facial brand. With more than 40 outlets in Singapore alone and counting, as well as a presence in Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia from Mid-2023. 

In an industry saturated with aggressive sales tactics and packaged deals, our pay-per-visit business model is extremely popular with customers who want an effective facial but are afraid to step into traditional beauty salons for fear of hard selling by beauty consultants.  

"No Package", "No Appointment", "No Frills", and "No Hard Selling" express facial service. Our unique approach combines pharmaceutical-grade skin care products and cutting-edge technology for efficient and remarkable results. Many testify to visible improvements in just 15 minutes!



Beauty, Health, and Wellness, Facial Service, Skin Products
Franchise / Licensing Country
Philippines , Vietnam , Indonesia , Singapore , Malaysia
Min. Investment Required

US$50,001 - US$250,000

Key Message

“No Package”, “No Appointment”, “No Hard-Sell”