Le Pain Quotidien


Le Pain Quotidien means the daily bread. And to us, that means everything. It’s much more than mere sustenance; it’s a way of life. As our loaves emerge from the ovens, warm and fragrant, friends gather around our communal tables to share in the time-honored tradition of breaking bread. The hum of conversation fills the air, jam is passed around the table, and, ever so gracefully, time slows.

The first Le Pain Quotidien bakery café opened in Brussels in 1990, and within a few months 10 more locations opened, all serving the classic, rustic loaves Alain grew up with. Seven years later, Alain’s dream to open in the United States was realized with a flagship bakery on Madison Avenue in New York City, and now, his vision of fresh-baked, traditionally made bread has become a tradition for neighbours and friends at over 260 Le Pain Quotidien locations throughout the world.

Franchise / Licensing Country
Hong Kong , Singapore
Min. Investment Required

US$500,001 - US$1 Million

Key Message

  1. We are an all-day bakery & cafe, where you can buy fresh products in the bakery and where you have plenty of choice all day long.
  2. We offer the best quality. Quality relates to taste, texture, presentation & appearance. Simple but special. Relentlessly pursued.
  3. We’re all about fresh Everything is prepared as close to being served as possible. Seasonal, vibrant, never stale. Be innovative and interesting with seasonal ingredients.
  4. We look for natural products because we only offer whole, pure food, minimally processed, never artificial, and seasonally appropriate. Dishes and presentation are never pretentious or contrived.
  5. Our dishes are simple to cook and present, simple to understand, and simple to eat.