Maruyutang International Catering Co. Ltd


Our brand is inspired by childhood memories, and our favorite bowl of iced dessert. “Revisit the Simplicity of Childhood” lies at the core of our business values. Our staple products include iced taro desserts, grass jelly desserts, innovative beverages, and quality teas, bringing moments of bliss to busy urbanites. It’s traditional Taiwanese desserts with a modern spin. 

Franchise / Licensing Country
China , Indonesia , Japan , Hong Kong , Malaysia , Singapore , South Korea , Taiwan
Min. Investment Required


Key Message

At Chingyuan, we understand the importance of quality ingredients, great flavors, customer-first service and a chance to travel down memory lane. We find inspiration for beauty in time and space, incorporate what’s modern and trending, and translate them into something more beautiful. 

A simple yet sophisticated lifestyle is something we have always advocated. We honor every healthy choice made to improve our life quality. This has motivated us to create, share, pursue and mull over those wonderful tidbits of life to keep us ever-so hopeful and young.