MEGAPOS & iMakan


MEGAPOS is an industry leading POS solution vendor well known for providing businesses with feature rich and reliable POS solutions, MEGAPOS has different solutions tailored made for FNB, retail and beauty & wellness industries.

iMakan self-ordering software has been professionally designed to give FNB industries a level-up of productivity boost. iMakan removes the peak hour ordering bottleneck, increases order size, allows for timely menu and promotions update, and is able to integrate with kitchen order management systems to bridge communication between the front and the back of the house.

iMakan self-ordering QR and Kiosk solutions help FNB owners optimize human resource allocation to achieve maximum profitability.

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Key Message

  • Apart from being a POS system vendor, MEGAPOS develops digital tools such as self ordering kiosks under the brand name of iMakan which offers QR ordering & kitchen order management solutions that have multiple successful use cases of boosting efficiency and lowering operational costs in the F&B industry


  • MEGAPOS & iMakan constantly reviews and innovates our solutions to be an industry leader in providing new, innovative tech to value-add our clients. MEGAPOS is among the first POS vendors to develop and mass deploy solutions like QR ordering, and most recently, the Hybrid 2-in-1 POS and Self Ordering Kiosk.


  • With its flexible integration possibilities, MEGAPOS’s POS system is able to integrate with many productivity tools, to become the centrepiece of data collection, transmission and communication. Coupled with a powerful cloud based backend, MEGAPOS brings F&B management to a merchant’s fingertips