Mr. SUN Handcrafted Boba Shop


  • Innovator in the World
Mr. Sun features our handmade fruity pearls, operating on a brand new strategy to set a pearl-making machine in every store of ours, producing and selling pearl drinks on the premises. We demonstrate the whole process, from dough kneading to the present of every pearl, our customers can see how these pearls are made, so that they can enjoy fantastic taste of Mr. Sun’s.
  • Low-calorie pearls
We made better pearls by decreasing 30% calories with our exclusive recipe. What’s more, we present to you Mr. Sun handmade fruity pearls of 13 flavors, including mango, strawberry, matcha, sesame, peach, etc.
Come to visit us, let the pearls from Taiwan delight your taste buds.
  • 全球第一家
「太陽先生」,以手作水果珍珠為主要特色,一家店一台機器現場製作珍珠, 「 60年珍珠達人」手秘傳授,每顆珍珠都是每日現場製作,從篩粉、溫度、拌揉到每顆愛心珍珠的完成,都是新鮮無添加防腐劑,讓食材及製作更透明,讓你看的到健康與安全。
  • 低卡手作珍珠

Franchise / Licensing Country
China , Hong Kong , Malaysia , Singapore , South Korea
Min. Investment Required

US$250,001 - US$500,000

Key Message

  • Firstly, we are expertise in tea making.

23-year-experience in boba tea making and tea shop business managing and operating.

300+ branches in Taiwan and overseas, 500+ tea shops worldwide since 1999.

Mr. Sun是茶飲界的專家。

作為紅太陽的國際品牌, Mr. Sun擁有23年的業界經驗,在全世界擁有300多家門市;


  • Secondly, we use natural and fresh food materials from Taiwan to make our drinks.

Through owning our tea plantations, factories, and exclusive tea-making procedures, we ensure our products -from tea, sugar, to toppings-, are all original, healthy, tasty, and in line with international SGS inspection standards.

Mr. Sun使用來自台灣的天然茶葉和原物料


  • Thirdly, we have brilliant ideas and solid sales.
  • We had set a historical record of 2.5 million cup sales in 6 months with Heineken Green Tea, one of our world-famous star products. We are leading the trend in the tea shop industry through our continuous development of creative drinks,

Mr. Sun擁有研發能力和亮眼的銷售成績。