Mr. Wish


Earning popularity as a “Fresh Fruit Tea Player.”

The Mr. Wish stores have been exploring new beverages since they began operations as “Fresh Fruit Tea Players” a decade ago.

Our new product – “Signature Fruit Tea” – has a unique fresh flavor that became an instant hit with everyone who tasted it.

Changes in consumer needs and the times we now live in have caused us to make corresponding modifications.

In 2020, we initiated a comprehensive upgrade and elevated “Mr. Wish Fresh Fruit Tea Player” to an expert level.

We retained our original values, but added new ones to show off those that WISH has created with the advantage of ten years of experience.

So far, Mr. Wish has opened branches in Taiwan, China, USA, Canada… and some other locations. We hope that we not only share good tea with our customers, but also aspire to spread the seeds of our dreams to every corner of the world.




Franchise / Licensing Country
Indonesia , Japan , Hong Kong , Malaysia , Philippines , Singapore , South Korea , Taiwan , Thailand
Min. Investment Required

US$250,001 - US$500,000

Key Message

  • Standard 

Using automatic equipment to stable the quality, cost-down the personnel, and increase productivity. Professional training center and system cultivate efficient personnel.  



  • Simple 

Know-how of store operation and  headquarter management completely pass on.    

簡單--從門市到總部管理Know How由專人轉移讓品牌營運簡單上手 

  • Professional

Particular ingredients is the key to make customers to fans. 

Take IQF technology to keep fruit fresh in any season and weather.