Nullspace Robotics


Founded in 2008, Nullspace Robotics is the top provider of robotics and coding education programmes in Singapore. Our clientele includes MOE schools, international schools, and corporate and government agencies within and outside Singapore. 

Offering a variety of enrichment programmes, Nullspace introduces children to engineering and programming concepts through hands-on learning. Our students engage in lots of interactive and exciting activities such as building and programming robots, creating games, or working on electronic projects.

Child Care Services, Education, Enrichment Class, Playgroup
Franchise / Licensing Country
Indonesia , Malaysia , Thailand , Vietnam , China , Hong Kong , India , Japan , South Korea , Taiwan
Min. Investment Required

US$50,001 - US$250,000

Key Message

Our programmes are developed in step with Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE) Science and Math curriculum. We have been engaged by the MOE Gifted Education branch to run their Robotics and Coding programme for P4 and P5 Gifted Education Programme (GEP) students since 2018, across all 9 GEP schools.

Being a leading pioneer of the Robotics and Coding enrichment scene in Singapore (since 2008), we have a pool of dedicated and experienced instructors to onboard new franchisees and ensure that every Nullspace Robotics franchise operation is set up for success.

STEM education is poised to overtake traditional enrichment courses (arts and crafts, music, dance etc) and offers a stronger business momentum and diversification to any education business portfolio.