Pizzamaru provides high-quality pizza to consumers at an affordable price. We use patented green tea well-being dough. It’s a  company that got the dough patent for the first time in the pizza industry with dough made by 12 cereals. Pizzamaru started a franchise business in 2006 and established an R&D centre and pizza dough factory in July 2007.

The same year, we obtained a patent on green tea well-being dough and expanded the manufacturer to produce 20 million doughs a year in 2010. Pizzamaru continuously pursues high quality, specialization, and differentiation of pizza with many experiences and know-how, working hard on inventing the best menus. We will keep the company spirit that put franchise stores and customer satisfaction in the first place to become the best brand representing South Korea.

Food and Beverage
Franchise / Licensing Country
Indonesia , Laos , Malaysia , Vietnam , China , India , Japan
Min. Investment Required

US$250,001 - US$500,000

Key Message