Healthy Concept

Operating as a healthy concept brand such as green tea dough with green tea, black rice dough with black rice, and ink dough with squid ink

Variety of menus

  • Not only pizza, but also various menus such as chicken, pasta, rice, etc. to expand the range of consumer choice
  • All menus consist of Korean style or Korean fusion menu


  • Stores can be operated in various forms depending on the local market, such as large, medium, and small
  • Localization of menus through development of new menus suitable for local people and adjustment of taste

Franchise / Licensing Country
Malaysia , Philippines , Taiwan , Thailand , Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos
Min. Investment Required

US$250,001 - US$500,000

Key Message

Food zone Co., Ltd.’ launched its pizza brand 'Pizza Maru' in 2007 and currently has about 650 stores in Korea, specializing in restaurant franchise. Based on the know-how of success in Korea, it has entered overseas markets since 2014, and is currently growing into a global brand that has been operating 14 stores in four countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and Myanmar. Especially, overseas stores are receiving explosive responses from local consumers by launching various menus such as Korean chicken, fusion pasta, fried rice, and tteokbokki, as well as pizza.  In particular, we introduced the concept of healthy pizza by using green tea dough containing green tea.

Status of Overseas Expansion

  • Hong Kong: Master Franchise Agreement (2015), currently operating 3 partner direct-managed stores
  • Singapore: Master Franchise Agreement (2016), currently operating 5 partner stores
  • Indonesia: Master Franchise Agreement (2019), currently operating 2 partner direct-managed stores
  • Myanmar: Master Franchise Agreement (2019), currently operating 3 partner direct-managed stores