We are Korean BBQ franchise brand called “SEORAE”. Seorae has our own unique recipe for our signature dish "Pork skirt meat and beef belly" which makes us distinctive and competitive from other Korean BBQ restaurant.

We have extensive and on-the-ground BBQ franchise experiences in 13 countries (China, South Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Macau, Cambodia, Canada, Australia, Vietnam and Myanmar) over past decade since starting up business 2007. In the Asian market, our Seorae brand has been well-received by the consumers. Also our business partners are growing up together with us since seorae business showed strong figures in sales and store expansion.

Franchise / Licensing Country
China , Philippines , Taiwan , Thailand , Singapore
Min. Investment Required

US$500,001 - US$1 Million

Key Message

Seoraester Co., Ltd was established in 2009 as a franchise company. We have launched 10 brands and operated domestic and overseas franchise business for more than 10 years. From various meat brand experiences, we have grown to be Korean Cuisine & Meat Specialist. Since we started overseas’ business with our signature brand Seorae Galmaegi in 2013, we have proven our success in global market by expending our brand into 13 countries. Our company vision is creating a happy dining culture based on the harmony of customers, members and partners beyond our success