Speech Academy Asia


In a world where communication is the bridge between ideas and impact, Speech Academy Asia was born out of a vision to empower individuals with the art of public speaking. For over a decade, we've been more than just an academy; we've been a movement, championing the transformative power of effective communication.

Our journey began with a simple belief: that public speaking skills are not just a luxury but a necessity. As the importance of these skills surged globally, we were already ahead of the curve, having trained over 10,000 students from diverse backgrounds. From children taking their first steps into the world of communication to adults seeking to refine their oratory prowess, we've been their guiding stars.

Our footprint, though rooted in Asia with a presence in Singapore, Indonesia, and Brunei, has global resonances. Partnerships with esteemed institutions like Trinity College London and Harvard Student Agencies are a testament to our international acclaim.

Innovation is at our core. Our recent move to the Regional Innovation and Research Hub in Jem, a sprawling 6000 sq ft centre, is a beacon of our commitment to pioneering advanced pedagogies in public speaking.

But what truly sets us apart is our unique methodology, Speech Linguistic Patterns™. This revolutionary system is not just about learning but about imparting - enabling individuals to coach and uplift others, fostering a community of confident speakers.

Our co-founders, Kelvin Tan and Lukas Seet, encapsulate our ethos best:

“Charisma and public speaking are about mindset. With dedication, anyone can soar to unparalleled heights. Your only limit is you.” – Kelvin Tan

“Communication is the world's most powerful tool. How you wield it determines your gifts from the world and your legacy within it.” – Lukas Seet.

Join us, as we continue to write this story, one speech at a time. Be a part of the Speech Academy Asia legacy, where we're not just teaching public speaking; we're changing lives.



Child Care Services, Continuing Learning, Education, Enrichment Class, Professional Education
Franchise / Licensing Country
Cambodia , India , Japan , Laos , Myanmar , Nepal , Pakistan , Sri Lanka , , China , Indonesia , Hong Kong , Malaysia , Singapore , South Korea , Philippines , Taiwan , Thailand , Vietnam , Brunei
Min. Investment Required

Below US$50,000

Key Message

Holistic Communication Mastery: With a blend of Neuro Somatics™, Language Memory Programming Semantics™, and Speech Linguistic Patterns™, Speech Academy Asia offers a unique and comprehensive approach to public speaking, setting it apart from conventional training centres.

Empowerment Across Ages: Catering to both kids and adults, Speech Academy Asia ensures that every age group has the tools to communicate confidently, fostering future global leaders and empowering adults in their professional and personal lives.

Award-Winning Enrichment: Recognized as a leading enrichment centre, Speech Academy Asia's commitment to excellence guarantees transformative results, making public speaking not just a skill, but a lifelong asset.