STREET CHURROS Mix developed independently by STREET CHURROS, Anyone can make delicious churros easily and simply by pouring hot water.

Starting from Itaewon, the center of trendy spot in Seoul Korea, Street Churros has experienced rapid growth and is currently capturing global customer interests.

Carefully crafted with quality hand prepared ingredients and made right to order, Street Churros is proud to present the best churro in the world. With a firm belief that a great tasting churro can spread happiness, We place upon ourselves the mission to spread this happiness with compassion and enthusiasm to each and every one of our customers.

Handmade, gourmet artisanal churros are our specialty. We have spent countless years perfecting our recipe to maximize both the depth of flavor and texture of our churros.

Churros are happiness! We wish you good luck!

Human & Delicious

In the mixture of the Street Churros, we use healthy raw materials excluding additives such as pigments, preservatives, diluents or solids that are not good for the body. In addition, we have led the food and beverage industry with high quality well being desserts and various beverages, including freshly fried churros, only using carefully selected domestic ingredients.

Global Brand

Street Churros is also a Korean wave brand, which has already opened branches in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and USA . In addition, we are constantly striving to grow with the responsibility of being a global franchise that captures the taste of the world.

You can trust

  • We believe that the happiness of the store owners leads to the happiness of the customer.
  • We are moving forward as a growing partner with our store owners.
  • We will be a company that can lead you to trust, win win and innovation, as well as a reliable brand.

With HACCP, HALAL, and FDA certificates, you can enjoy churros safely and deliciously anywhere in the world.

Franchise / Licensing Country
Indonesia , Malaysia , South Korea , Thailand
Min. Investment Required

US$50,001 - US$250,000

Key Message