TEA TOP is a bubble milk tea brand from Taiwan. We started the tea business in 1907. We have our own tea farm; tea leaf factories and century-old tea culture. 

TEA TOP CEO is the fourth generation. From the century-old tea inheritance, we hope that we can do something for the whole industry and promote high-quality tea from Taiwan to the world. Bring you " A good sip of Taiwan Tea" is our task. 

All cornerstones lead TEA TOP brand provides quality tea and an attractive hand-shaking tea chain store system.  

Now we have 170 stores in Taiwan and overseas. TEA TOP welcomes you to join us and help your success.



Beverages (Juices, Caffeine, Alcohols), Food and Beverage
Franchise / Licensing Country
USA, Australia
Min. Investment Required

US$50,001 - US$250,000

Key Message

Stable Quality 

TEA TOP offer a stable quality tea base from our century-old tea farm and tea factories which through our strict quality control and monitoring processes. 

Multiple Choice 

TEA TOP offer multiple tea base and topping combination. Customers could find the perfect match with our diverse range of products. 

High Store Opening Rate and Training Experience 

TEA TOP has 170 stores in Taiwan and overseas and offer efficient training and store-setting SOP.  


TEA TOP is the solid mark and brand for “A simple cup of tea, a legacy of a hundred-year legacy”. Join us now !!