The Grumpy Bear Café


The Grumpy Bear has satisfied multitudes of hungry, grumpy bellies with a wide array of delicious Western fare since 2017. We owe this to our wide and loyal customer base. At The Grumpy Bear, we enrich customers’ experience with food they’ll enjoy with lip-smacking relish.

Treat yourself to over 10 signature chicken, pasta dishes and other delectable mains. Our Signature Chicken range offers chicken grilled to tender, juicy perfection or fried in batter to a golden brown, while pastas are tossed in fresh herbs and spices.

To add, our dishes are customizable! For those seeking a quick bite, we also have desserts and snacks like the Krispy Karaage and Buttermilk Waffle.

As a casual Western dining place for everyone, savour simple comfort food at its best. Coupled with a warm, cozy and welcoming café setting, The Grumpy Bear is perfect for celebrating life’s delicious moments with family and loved ones.

Franchise / Licensing Country
Indonesia , Japan , Hong Kong , Malaysia , Philippines , Singapore , South Korea , Taiwan , Thailand
Min. Investment Required

US$50,001 - US$250,000

Key Message

Franchisor’s Background

We actually started as a franchisee of a well-known Western café, so franchising is no stranger to us. With years of experience and expertise gained from franchising, all franchisees can look forward to receiving full, dedicated support from us in all areas: from the operations, expenditures, to Marketing efforts and most importantly, the growth of your franchise.

Our Vision:

To develop our own unique Singapore brand that offers stellar dining experiences for diners and build an effective and successful franchise business model with successful local and regional expansions.

Brand Direction

  • Brand Essence:- Savouring Happy Moments
  • Brand Promise:- We believe in making people smile through good food that everyone loves. Here at The Grumpy Bear, we are in the business of happy bellies. As a casual Western dining place for everyone, you can savour simple comfort food at its best. Coupled with a warm, cozy and welcoming café setting, The Grumpy Bear is the perfect place to celebrate life’s delicious moments with family and loved ones.
  • Brand Concept:-The Grumpy Bear’s Brand Concept is driven by three brand pillars:

Pillar 1:- Source of Happiness:

A vibrant café experience centered around fun, comfort, and authenticity; serving up an experience that would bring a smile to the grumpiest bear!

This is testified by our strong, ongoing commitment to ensuring high-quality standards in the preparation, creation and innovation of our food as well as our excellent service. Our marketing strives to keep ahead of interesting festivals/themes for social media posts and promotions.

Pillar 2:-Savouring Connections:

Creating an ambience where diners can share the simple joys of life with loved ones, igniting conversations and creating bonds.

Diners can enjoy great dining experiences and services in a comfortable setting with dedicated and trained service staff who are motivated to go the extra mile.

Pillar 3:- Comforting Western Delights for Everyone:

Serving simple Western comfort food at its best; indulgent, accessible and fuss-free.

Our affordable, consistent quality Western comfort food is available for dine-in, takeaway as well as delivery options; via easy and simple payments and ordering modes.

Our Strengths

  • Our cafe has expanded across 3 outlets in Singapore, with more to open soon in the near future.
  • Close to half a decade’s worth of expertise and experience in the F&B and cafe industry.
  • Team of skilled sous chefs trained and led by our Executive Chef with more than 30 years of experience in Western cuisine to curate great food.
  • Commitment to high quality and fresh ingredients with strong quality control.
  • Constant upgrading of chef’s culinary skills; reinvention of menu and creation of new creative Western specials.
  • Repeat purchases from both loyal and happy customers testifying to our quality, fuss free, value-for-money dishes.
  • Strong loyalty member base of over 2,000 members.
  • Wide customer base as our food appeals to family, students, kids, office crowds; as well as young adults and the elderly.
  • Ability to thrive even in the midst of crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic via:-
  • Strong Leadership and Management to rapidly adapt and adopt systems and technology required and suitable for growing the F&B business in a crisis.
  • Strong collaborations with notable institutions which include: DBS, UOB, CIMB, M1, Singapore Civil Service, NTUC, Popular, MeRewards, educational centres like Learning Point, Hua Cheng and many others.
  • Effective Engagement of multiple sales channels to boost sales including Online, Delivery and Mobile-friendly Platforms.
  • Develop and Establish various virtual brands.
  • Effective & Innovative Marketing strategies.

Strong and Dedicated Franchise Support

We equip all aspiring F&B owners and franchisees with the tools and knowledge necessary to run a business that holds up to our high standards. Here’s a preview of what we offer:

  • Support which begins from sourcing venue to operate, space planning, renovation, set up to after store opening.
  • Intensive initial training for both FOH and BOH.
  • Quarterly menu refreshes: to introduce new dishes and improve existing menus through a team of competent Sous Chefs led by an experienced Executive Chef
  • Preferential rates for the 1st two franchisees in Singapore.
  • Preferential rental rates for rentals from our own commercial properties, available across various locations in Singapore.
  • Assistance in identifying viable government grant applications and claims to reduce business costs.
  • Strong Marketing support; free collaterals and promotional posters.
  • On-going monthly business reviews with Franchisor at HQ to gather feedback, new products, performance and marketing updates.
  • Regular audits to improve franchisee sales performance and profitability.
  • Help in hiring of staff, providing outlet manager to support during initial phase if required.

We are the only one or few Franchisors who provide such comprehensive and elaborated support to franchisees.