The Gym Pod


The Gym Pod started its journey in 2018 as a private gym built inside a repurposed shipping container. It was designed with privacy in mind, allowing customers to work out in a safe space and avoid the typical headaches that they might find in big box gyms, such as big crowds and long waiting times for equipment.  

By using its proprietary mobile booking system and automation technology, The Gym Pod activates a variety of spaces and transforms them into Gym Pods. You can now find locations built-in container structures in park settings and business parks, or even in indoor commercial retail units. Since introducing the private micro-gym concept, The Gym Pod has launched over 55 locations in Singapore and a handful of locations in Chicago, Illinois and China. 

As the number of Gym Pod locations continues to grow worldwide, the community of users also continues to evolve. What started off as a personal haven for “gym-troverts” and those just getting started on their fitness journey, has now become the ideal destination for freelance personal trainers, gymgoers who put an emphasis on their personal time and space, and everyone in between!

Fitness Centre & Gym
Franchise / Licensing Country
Singapore , Indonesia , Malaysia , Philippines , Thailand , Vietnam , China , Hong Kong , India , Japan , South Korea , Taiwan , Australia, USA, Canada, UK
Min. Investment Required

US$50,001 - US$250,000

Key Message

Privacy. Say goodbye to crowds, long waiting times, and uncomfortable situations. 

Convenience. Unlock any and all Gym Pod locations with your phone. Book 24/7, 365! 

Flexibility. Long-term contracts, sign-up fees and cancellation fees go out the window. We offer pay-per-use.