Founded in 2007, TheJellyHearts Pte Ltd (“TheJellyHearts”) opened its first retail shopfront in 2011, selling a wide range of uniquely flavoured cheesecakes and confectionery. The brand was known for its signature Jelly Cheesecakes — a delicious multi-tiered cheesecake topped with a layer of jelly — and had since gained a strong following in the local market. TheJellyHearts treats its products as a delicious art piece, with a strong focus on both flavours and presentation, making it a feast for both the eyes and the mouth. Additionally, all products are halal-certified, making these sweet treats available and suitable for everyone and all occasions.  

Currently, the company has eleven halal-certified retail shopfronts island-wide and operates via an e-commerce platform as well. Hence, the reason for TheJellyHearts to embark on franchising is to allow the company to ascend to greater heights. This is said, as it is a well-defined brand that fulfils a wide market segment and operates on a simple yet effective business format. The company is also constantly innovating new and unique ideas to delight customers and further progress in the market.

Bakery / Confectionary, Beverages (Juices, Caffeine, Alcohols), Chocolates & Candies, Food and Beverage
Franchise / Licensing Country
Singapore , Indonesia , Philippines , Thailand , Vietnam , China , Hong Kong , Japan , South Korea
Min. Investment Required

US$50,001 - US$250,000

Key Message

TheJellyHearts current client base consists of consumers that range from young adults, families and couples to corporate entities. Their products are halal-certified hence, it is suitable for all occasions, allowing everyone to enjoy the delicious jelly cheesecakes.  

Competition in the F&B industry is inevitable, however, TheJellyHearts has managed to stand out in the market for these reasons. Constant innovation of new and unique designs allows the company to increase their product range. This further allows them to cater to a more extensive client base as the company would be able to cater to their different needs. It further increases the customer satisfaction levels and so, customers would be willing to come back to TheJellyHearts for more sweet treats.  

Furthermore, customisation services are also available. This allows customers to create their own jelly cheesecakes to surprise their loved ones, making it an excellent choice for celebrations and corporate events. Customisation services also make the whole purchasing experience more exciting as customers would be able to anticipate their creations and look forward to their next visit.