Tingkat PeraMakan


Tingkat PeraMakan aims to provide our customers with authentic, delicious, home-cooked Peranakan food without the frills. In the
past, it was the norm for mothers to use “tingkats” or layered containers to bring delicious home-cooked meals to a loved one who is at
work or at school. “Tingkats” are also popular in transporting food from one place to another, as in visiting relatives or friends. The
concept of “tingkats” was adopted by PeraMakan to make our food more accessible to our customers in shopping malls and in housing
estates:customers who are likely want a quick meal or takeaways that can be conveniently enjoyed with their love ones and friends.

At Tingkat PeraMakan, we aim to provide restaurant quality food at reasonable prices in a no-frills setting near our customers.

Franchise / Licensing Country
China , Indonesia , Japan , Malaysia , Taiwan , Singapore
Min. Investment Required

US$50,001 - US$250,000

Key Message

With the standardisation of the processes and easy to implement SOP, the business is
scalable and sustainable. This business model was proven when we expanded to 5 outlets
within 2 years. If it is conventional restaurant model, it’ll be challenging in term of finding
skilled kitchen staffs and standardising the food quality.

The menu was designed to optimise the food cost and operation. Our individual set meals
are popular with small group, corporate events and delivery platforms.

Our ala carte menu cater for bigger group and family who wanted to try varieties of dishes.