TOP UP is an exquisite beverage brand that embodies expertise in the realm of tea. Our focal point revolves around The Art Of Black Tea, where we meticulously curate a selection of premium black teas sourced from diverse corners of the world. Through meticulous brewing techniques, we showcase an array of flavours, inviting tea enthusiasts to embark on a journey of sensory exploration akin to the indulgence of wine tasting. Each sip of our black tea unravels a symphony of rich aromas and sweet nuances, creating a captivating experience.

Our passion for black tea sprouted from a simple liking, evolving into a profound appreciation for the intricacies of tea production and the scholarly pursuit of tea knowledge. We sought to enhance every day with the companionship of exceptional teas, culminating in the creation of our very own tea estate—an oasis dedicated to the pursuit of a perfect cup of tea. 

At TOP UP, our commitment to excellence extends beyond our tea selection. Our stylish and elegant interior design immediately captivates visitors, exuding a timeless charm that effortlessly draws attention. Soft earthy browns harmonize with refined blacks, while tastefully balanced whites provide a touch of tranquillity. Delicate copper accents and the presence of chess motifs lend an exotic British-European flair, transporting patrons to a world of refined aesthetics. 

Embracing the spirit of continuous replenishment, our English name, "TOP UP," encapsulates the essence of refilling a cup with top-quality tea. TOP UP represents an unwavering dedication to providing an endless stream of exquisite tea experiences.


Beverages (Juices, Caffeine, Alcohols), Food and Beverage
Franchise / Licensing Country
USA, Australia
Min. Investment Required

US$50,001 - US$250,000

Key Message

Research and Development Advantage: We conduct regular market research and engage in innovative product development, giving us a competitive edge. 

Raw Material Advantage: We have complete control over the tea industry supply chain, ensuring strict quality control for both self-produced and imported ingredients. 

Tea Factory Base: We own century-old tea factories dedicated to producing green tea, as well as specialized tea factories focused on developing black tea. Our quality control measures include evaluation and oversight by professional tea masters from Nantou, Taiwan's renowned tea-producing region. 

With our extensive experience in operating 170 tea beverage chain stores in Taiwan, we are eager to share our knowledge and support you in opening your own store, creating a mutually beneficial partnership.