UFC GYM Singapore


We are the original. The world leader. The trail-blazer of MMA-inspired fitness. Rooted in authenticity, we are an extension of the Ultimate Fighting Championship® and proud to make the training programs and benefits of elite MMA athletes accessible to all, regardless of age or athletic ability. 

Offering a full-range of group fitness classes, MMA classes such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Muay Thai, personal training and youth programming, creating something for all ages and fitness levels. 

Franchise / Licensing Country
Min. Investment Required

US$250,001 - US$500,000

Key Message

UFC Gym’s value proposition is wrapped within our core values below; 

FIGHT - Fun, Inspiring, Grit, Humble, and Teamwork 

A motto that we embody as a brand and instill in our members, as a community.  

Unique Fitness Experience For All Ages 

To ensure the UFC Gym members are offered a unique one-stop-shop experience, they are able to access premium amenities all under one roof. This includes flexible membership tiers allowing unlimited fitness classes which includes but is not limited to group conditioning, technique-focus classes and functional classes. A variety of Specialized MMA training, kids classes and balanced recovery treatments and the option to add-on personal training and/or martial arts coaching for those who’d like to enhance their training experience. 

We also ensure we provide the right tools and technology to facilitate their training which includes a UFC-style Octagon, large bag room, indoor turf, Brazilian jiu-jitsu mat room, group fitness studio, weight room, robust cardio equipment, full-service locker rooms and an in-store retail shop. Thus, allowing members to be drawn into the brand’s diverse and unique fitness model and motivating environment for their journey.  

Rapid Growth Model 

The brand is experiencing an enormous growth period, expecting to double in size year after year thanks to an increased interest in health and wellness over the past decade. UFC GYM’s model offers franchisees a diversified investment, with an array of prototypes for any budget, Management Service Agreements to help facilitate growth, multiple revenue generators from retail to private coaching, and an in-depth onboarding training and support system. 

Fitness Tech & Innovation 

In order to advance with the use of technology and innovation, to meet consumer’s needs and assist them in their goals; UFC Gym has partnered with MyZone to bring fun and personal awareness to the members by providing deeper insights on how their body responds to the exercises which in return provide our expert trainers with the opportunity to personalize programs and allow them to reach their goals efficiently.