Since 1997, US Pizza has been a source of joy for pizza enthusiasts. Our unique culinary journey harmoniously blends global inspirations with local creativity, resulting in a symphony of flavors that enchant the taste buds. At US Pizza, every bite tells a story, making it not just a meal, but an experience to savour.

Our story finds its roots in Greenlane, Penang, where our modest beginnings took shape. Founded by Mr. Donald Duncan, an American visionary in 1997, our venture introduced a distinctive dough and tomato sauce recipe, affectionately known as the "Duncan Sauce."

In 2015, Jeremy Hiew, a dedicated pizza aficionado fueled by cherished childhood memories of the establishment, assumed the mantle to carry forward its legacy. Fueled by a global vision, US Pizza embarked on an international journey, making its mark in Jakarta, Indonesia in December 2022. Today, our influence transcends boundaries, with an impressive network of over 100 outlets spanning both local and international landscapes.

Our pride emanates from our expansive footprint across Malaysia and Indonesia. US Pizza's fervor for crafting delectable pizzas and delivering extraordinary dining moments has endeared us to the community, solidifying our status as a beloved local pizza brand. What truly sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to quality. Blending American pizza traditions with locally cultivated recipes yields a diverse range of flavors that beckon patrons time and time again.

US Pizza's aspiration was clear and straightforward: to serve the highest quality products and provide genuine, heartfelt service to our valued guests and the community. This unwavering commitment remains at the core of everything we do at US Pizza.

Fast Food, Food and Beverage, Food Stall, Merchandise/Product
Franchise / Licensing Country
Singapore , Brunei , Cambodia , Indonesia , Laos , Malaysia , Philippines , Thailand , Vietnam
Min. Investment Required

Below US$50,000

US$50,001 - US$250,000

Key Message

Innovative Culinary Fusion Delights: Immerse yourself in a harmonious blend of Western and Asian flavors through our innovative menu, boasting 30+ unique pizza varieties, along with a diverse selection of pasta, salads, sides, and more.

Premium Taste Assurance: Delight in an unrivalled taste experience nurtured by our unwavering commitment to using the finest ingredients, ensuring a consistently exceptional dining journey with every bite.

Proven Franchising/ Licensing Solution: Step into a thriving business realm with our all-encompassing franchising/ licensing system. Join the esteemed US Pizza family to access a proven model, renowned brand, and legacy steeped in delivering unforgettable pizza experiences.