Educational Conference Recorded Webinars

Gain greater knowledge on the basics and legal aspects of franchising as you attend the conference tracks conducted during the show. Hear from IP lawyers and successful franchise brands!




Pitfalls to Avoid When Signing A Franchise Contract
Geraldine Tan, Director
Amica Law LLC

Buying a franchise involves making a large financial investment to secure the rights to operate an established “tried and tested” business under the franchisor’s brand, systems and intellectual property.  From the franchisor’s perspective, it is important that its brand reputation and quality of products, services and operations are maintained by its network of franchisees.

In this webinar, we explore the common pitfalls to avoid when signing a franchise agreement, and highlight the key considerations that would-be franchisors and franchisees should bear in mind when entering into a franchise contract. 

Duration: 00:45:44


Mark Your Business Team Success With Personality Management Using ‘Macdoer Spectrum Personality Profiling’
Joshua Luke, Group CEO – Coach
Signature Image Academy International

Some leaders seem to have it easy when managing a business team or work group while achieving great success. Is it knowing one’s personality and using it to suit the people working for and/or under you that marks the differences? Or is it the management of various personalities in your business/ team? Look no further as Joshua Luke conducts a fast personality profiling card test for participants on the spot. From Mediator to Abider to Challenger to Diverger to Opportunist to Engager to Relaxer, let this session provide invaluable insights to master your personality traits into creating powerful strategies to ace oneself as a successful Business Leader!

  1. Introduction to and Importance of Knowing One’s Personality & Strategically Utilising it for Success in Business and at Work as a Leader
  2. Background to MACDOER SpectrumTM Personality Profiling and Discovering Your Personality & Traits through MACDOER Spectrum Personality Profiling on-the-spot through the Consultative Cards
  3. 3 Powerful Tips for Each Spectrum Type (personality profiles) to Excel as a Business Leader Target Audience

This course is designed for any personnel, managing a business and/or a team at work, who wants to discover and know more about their personality & traits, and use them to his or her advantage to handle and manage various personalities in the team to achieve great success.

Duration: 00:46:15


Understanding Types of Intellectual Property and How They Differentiate Your Business From Others
Eric Khoo, Deputy Director, Global Engagement
IPOS International

In an increasingly competitive market, what’s critical to success is having a strong intellectual property (IP) position that empowers business leaders to capture new opportunities while avoiding costly mistakes. Find out how your intangible assets differentiate your business from others by:

  • Owning and protecting your trademarks, trade secrets, patents, designs, copyright and broader intangible assets such as data
  • Avoiding the risk of losing your valuable rights to infringers or conversely infringing on others which could lead to costly problems down the road
  • Studying how Singapore companies have strengthened their competitive advantage by commercialising their intangible assets and enforcing their IP rights

Duration: 00:48:58


F&B Trends and Franchising
Albert Kong, Chairman & CEO
Asiawide Franchise Consultants Pte Ltd

Duration: 00:46:41




Why You Should Invest In A Franchise During A Pandemic and A Short Glimpse on the Future of Franchising
Donna Lee, CEO & President
KG World and International Franchise Community (IFC)

Ms. Donna Lee will touch on why we should invest in franchising especially during these times and a short glimpse on the insights of the future of franchising.  People these days are seeking ways to increase their income, wealth and better manage their financial risk.  Why franchising?  How then can we pivot one’s own portfolio in a smarter way, touching on franchising perspective.  How to better manage our exposure and yet create future wealth. Let’s see the glimpse of the future of franchising.  Can there still be opportunities for everyone in these times?

Duration: 00:40:51


Axe Factor – Singapore’s First & Only Indoor Axe Throwing Range
Samuel Tey, Founder & CEO
Axe Factor

Meet the Founder & CEO of the first and only indoor axe throwing range, gain insight on how they grew the business and overcame the challenges during the pandemic.

Duration: 00:20:02


Franchising In The Post Covid-19 Period
Baker McKenzie


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted different sectors of the franchise industry across the Asia Pacific region. Whether you are an established franchisor, an emerging franchisor, or a start-up, a holistic approach to franchise development is crucial. As COVID-19 continues to evolve and businesses plan for recovery, it is imperative for franchisors to adapt to the ever-changing environment and prepare for growth post COVID-19.

Join us as we discuss some key considerations and best practices for franchise expansion in today’s economy across the Asia Pacific region.

Topics of discussion include:

  •  The franchising regulatory landscape in the Asia Pacific region
  •  The franchising climate today
  •  COVID-19 legislative reliefs
  •  Legal considerations on how will you need to operate post COVID-19

Duration: 01:43:37


Trademark Trends and Challenges Impacting Brand Owners
Peter Willimott, Senior Program Officer
World Intellectual Property Organization

Suwimon Kirdsook, Legal Section Manager
T.C. Pharmaceutical Industries Co. Ltd

In the world of franchising and licensing, the strength of a company’s brand protection, through registered trademarks in key markets is extremely important. In this session you’ll hear what’s hot and what’s not in the world of trademarks as well as learning about trends in trademark registration. The impact of COVID-19 on trademark filing will also be discussed. Plus a leading brand owner in ASEAN will share their approach to brand protection and challenges they’ve overcome when licensing.

Duration: 00:42:49


Licensing as a viable strategy for Internationalisation
Robin Yeo, Senior Consultant / Regional Manager
FT Consulting Pte Ltd

In the COVID 19 era, depending on the local market to sustain business is not sufficient. Companies need to continue to go international to achieve long term and sustainable business growth. One viable strategy for Internationalisation is Licensing.

Through this educational talk on Licensing by Robin Yeo, Senior Consultant in FT Consulting Pte Ltd, a company with over 29 years of successful track record in franchising and licensing consultancy services, you can gain a better understanding of what is licensing and how you can use licensing as a strategy to grow your business internationally.

Duration: 00:45:47




In Conversation with Susan Liew – Key Qualities of A Franchisee That Franchisors Look Out For
Susan Liew, Managing Director
Signarama Singapore

Moderated by:
Albert Kong, Chairman & CEO
Asiawide Franchise Consultants Pte Ltd

In this session, the spotlight will be on Susan Liew, CEO of Omni Connection Pte Ltd, who holds the master franchising rights of the US brand Signarama, for Singapore and Malaysia. Signarama is the largest full-service sign franchise in the world. Instead of the usual presentation style, this is an interview session facilitated by Albert Kong CEO of Asiawide Franchise Consultants Pte Ltd. Get tips and advice from Susan as she shares insights on what to look for when considering a franchise to invest in and also what she looks for in a potential Signarama franchisee.

Duration: 00:35:13


How Can Franchises Increase Sales?
Christina Tan, Founder
Sales Symphony

As franchises follow a standardised branding and product offering, how can franchisees increase sales against stiff competition? Not only do they need to compete against other brands, they also need to stand out above other franchisees to attract more customers. With COVID posing new challenges, businesses are required to be more resilient, resourceful, and proactive in generating more sales. 

Join us for this talk to learn essential and practical tips on how to create differentiators despite franchise standardisation, increase awareness besides social media marketing, and establish strong critical partnerships to drive sales success.

Duration: 00:42:12


Come Together, Defy the Norm. Experience Commune.
Gan Shee Wen, Vice President, Group Sales & Marketing
Koda Ltd

Duration: 00:28:11