Imagine a life where you know exactly what you know your strengths, your perfect ideal career choices are. How much more you can achieve?

The courses that we offer at UCMHP Educentre  help to unlock the hidden codes to achieving success in all areas of your life, including your health, wealth, career, relationships, family, academics, business, and investments. Our research studied their characters, personalities, behaviour, and life patterns using multiple well-known profiling tools as a frame of reference such as DISC, NLP, Enneagram, MBTI, OCEAN 5 and EQ/IQ Profiling. 

After studying 400,000 individuals and their life stories, we deduced that each of the 9 Human Archetypes has remarkably similar, but not identical, life plots. Dr Bernard Yeo, the chief researcher, was conferred an Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Human Capital Development and Human Profiling for his outstanding research in this area.

The framework that he has develops acknowledges that no two persons are alike. Your Archetype provides an instant life roadmap complete with signposts that you can use to navigate in the right direction in your life journey. Knowing your inborn strengths-weakness profile and hidden potentials will allow you to have clarity of your character to better leverage your strengths and reduce the negative impacts of your weaknesses. As a result, it leads to a smoother and more fulfilling life. There will be fewer trials and errors that we need to battle within our lives

These 9 Human Archetypes is an evidence-based framework that can clearly identify unique character strengths and weaknesses in any individual, regardless of age, gender, culture, or nationality. Moreover, it maps the predictable success and pitfalls in many areas of one’s life with high statistical accuracy. 

Each of them will have similar six elements that make up their life plots. 

  • Strengths 
  • Weaknesses/challenges 
  • Extroversion/introversion personalities
  • Inborn success strategies that naturally work for them
  • Ideal job roles & career paths they can excel in with less effort
  • And other interesting patterns to note

No two individuals are alike, not even identical twins because the contexts of their lives are different. 

The individual who has clarity of his Archetype based on the above six elements that will influence his character and natural strengths can then be adept at making the best choices as he lives out his life to old age. Like Dr Bernard Yeo says, what can be predicted can be managed. 

Take the earthquake, for example. In the past, there was no way of predicting earthquakes. So, humanity has suffered much because of the sudden occurrence of earthquakes. Today, we have the technology to warn us where earthquakes can happen and when an earthquake is imminent. 

So, buildings are designed to withstand the shaking of the ground, and most times, people can be alerted early to evacuate the area to reduce injury and death toll. 

Earthquakes are still a disaster every time it happens, but the consequences are much less severe today than, say, a hundred years ago. Moreover, it is better managed because it can be predicted. 

Wouldn’t you want a reliable way of knowing how to manage the “earthquakes” in your life? The more aware you are of your Archetype, the more likely you can understand and come to terms with your weaknesses and tap into your strengths in more effective ways. 

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