France, 29 Oct – Founded in 1960, Gautier is based in Vendée (Western France) and is still manufacturing contemporary furniture.

Thanks to a family passionate in entrepreneurship and highly efficient teams, Gautier has spread its success in France and all over the world. 60 years ago, Gautier dreamt up its very first kids bedroom infused with visionary flair. Since then, over 5 million children have slept in a Gautier bed.

Today, Gautier offers furniture for every room in the house: living and dining rooms, adults and kids bedroom, storage units and much more, still 100% made in France in our 3 original factories. Gautier makes life easier by offering refined, contemporary furnitures that combine warmth, harmony, pleasure and comfort.

Since 2005, Gautier has built up a franchise network of 70 stores in France and 50 worldwide. Extending the network in Asia is a top priority for Gautier, to answer a huge demand of French imported products mixing quality and history.

Gautier in few figures: 60 years of expertise, 120 stores all over the world, 3 manufacturing sites in Vendée (France); 120 millions of pounds in turnover, 800 employees, 100% of the production made in France guaranteed, 8000 furniture items leaving the factories everyday, first French furniture company awarded by the triple ISO certification (Safety, Environment, Quality).

For more information, contact us:
Email: [email protected]
Company address: Rue Georges Clemenceau, 85510 Le Boupère, France