“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”

Albert Einstein

Vedic Math in an ancient math principle from India. It is fast and powerful in many ways but unknown to many people yet not popular. Why? Is it confusing to conventional method? Or the way we are learning various math is causing the confusion?

Vedic Math improves thought processing in simple steps and flexes the brain muscles to enhance its natural uninhibited problem solving abilities. There are many ways to solve math problems !

The are 16 main Sutras and hundreds of sub sutras, providing the rules or core principles, one can find and use a variety of methods that are easy to understand. This is because Vedic Math Sutras work in tandem with the natural pathways of the brain. The methods are easy to assimilate and not confusing if learn with BrainThink Learning methodology.

Creatives Math: Learning Vedic Math opens a new dimension of creativity in a subject most often thought to be uncreative and unimaginative. Its flexibility and varied methods do not require one to memorize fixed steps to solving a problem. Rather, a student can decide for themselves the best solution to apply based on the problem at hand.

Be empowered: Once learning and practising the Vedic Math methods, parents will realise how much and how well their child can do math by nurturing their MathBrain qualities. This new sense of empowerment gives children the confidence to use and rely on their own abilities to solve mathematical problems. Besides, there is unlimited creativity your child can apply into Vedic Math, whether it is visualizing a pattern, a question, a solution or even to create their own methods!

BrainThink Learning will help to develop children’s 5 brain abilities, improving critical thinking and problem solving skills. Children THINK when triggered by CURIOSITIES, then they LEARN by understanding WHY. Play to learn will excite children to enjoy learning as much as they enjoy playing. Children’s natural motivation of fun will arouse curiosities, thus their learning will be exciting !

MathBrain is the ability to solve problems using the 5 brain abilities with math principles. With MathBrain, a child would be able to explore their 5 brain abilities in applying math principles to solve problems.

5 Brain Abilities: Children’s 5 brain abilities (Cognitive Visualisation, Attention, Memory, Logic and Processing Speed) can be further developed with fun and games.

Why Vedic Math?

  • Complementary knowledge of children’s conventional learning in schools.
  • Eliminate baseless fear of Maths.
  • Create a fun and stimulating journey of learning.
  • Allow young learners to engage with their creativity by exploring the flexible and simple sutras of Vedic Math.
  • Opening doors to experimental learning of mathematics.

The Math Problem:

23 X 11 = ?

Method 1: Conventional

Method 2: Vedic – Vertical Crosswise ( One of Vedic Sutra )

Method 2: Vedic – Vertical Crosswise ( One of Vedic Sutra )

Points to Ponder:

  1. Are the above methods are confusing?
  2. Compare the other methods with Method 1, which method is the fastest to find the answer?
  3. Are the methods using the same or different principles?
  4. These methods have no conflicts. Anyone with MathBrain ability can see the exact calculation similarities from a different angle.
    1. Method 2 is another angle of method 1
    2. Method 3 is also a different angle of method 1. In method 1, you can see that nothing (‘0’) was added to 2, 2 add to 3, 3 add to nothing (‘0’).

Can you see that these 3 methods are the same principles?

Vedic Math allows children to simplify a math problem to a level that they can master.

About Math Monkey Asia

Founded in the year 2006 in Miami, Florida, USA, Math Monkey provides Play to Learn Math Enrichment Program which teaches Vedic Math principles to solve problems. Math Monkey instructors facilitate young children (4 to 12 years old) to learn math in a fun and engaging environment. Today, Math Monkey Asia has 13 centers in Singapore, Hong Kong, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

Math Monkey Asia has created a program that boosts logic, reasoning and critical skills. Brainthink learning methodology enable the full potential of Vedic Math being unleashed by young minds to develop 5 Brain Abilities and Mathbrain. Inspired by the wisdom of the East and weaved with the creativity of the West. Math Monkey Asia has connected the best of two worlds – creating Mathbrain program that inspire the needs of the most driven children so that they can reach their full potential !

With fun and game-based method, we are committed in creating a happy and conducive learning environment for children to learn math.

A book on “MathBrain by BrainThink Learning” has been published to help parents and educators to learn and help their children. An assessment on knowing your child’s 5 brain abilities is also included in the book. A complimentary book available to FLA 2020 show attendees.

General enquiries: [email protected]
Website: www.mathmonkey.asia