SINGAPORE, October 2020 – Tung Lok Group, established 36 years ago in 1984, is Singapore’s leading Chinese restaurant group with more than 40 restaurants in Singapore, China, Japan, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Its restaurants, renowned for its quality and distinctive character, offer a variety of Chinese cuisines such as Cantonese, Northern Chinese, Contemporary Chinese, Vegetarian, and Seafood specialities; and in recent years, they have expanded their portfolio of cuisines to include Western and Japanese – all executed by talented and award-winning masterchefs.

A leading creator and operator of innovative dining concepts, the Group now offers the following brands to interested investors for licensing opportunities.


Dancing Crab is an original concept by TungLok Group. It was named “Licensor of the Year” at the Franchising and Licensing Association (FLA) Singapore Awards in 2019.

Its first outlet opened in April 2014. Within a short span of 6 months from conceptualisation, the first licensed outlet was established in October 2014. It now has 6 successful outlets – 3 in Singapore and 3 in Japan.

Its menu focuses on classic seafood delicacies selected from Boston lobster to Dungeness crab, and even Singapore’s well-loved Chilli and Black Pepper crabs. The taste is global and
easily appreciated anywhere in the world. The ambience centers around lively and upbeat music; fun and innovative cocktails and imported beers; tasty and quality cuisine; happy and vibrant feel; and warm, friendly service. Diners are encouraged to fully indulge in the carefree experience of dining off the table (literally, without plates) and using their bare hands. In terms of business model, it is manpower-lean and straightforward. The recipes are simple yet tasty. They can be prepared ahead of time and in bulk. The menu is simple and easy to execute, and the service is timely.


Slappy Cakes was founded in Portland, Oregon in 2009. In July 2013, TungLok opened its first overseas outpost of the brand in Singapore under a licensed agreement. Since 2018, TungLok Group has been appointed by Slappy Cakes, LLC. as the exclusive master licensee of the “Slappy Cakes” trademark and brand name for Asia (except Japan). Slappy Cakes is a lively, Make-Your-Own dining concept where diners can enjoy customising their own pancakes with built-in griddles at each table. It is an interactive concept which brings together the idea of food & fun and uplifts the overall experience at the dinner table. The menu, however, is not just about pancakes. Its artisan menu has an impressive selection of creative All Day Breakfast, Refreshing Salads, and classic American favourites such as Old-Fashioned Breaded Fish & Chips, Country Fried Chicken, Macaroni and Cheese, and more. Its dishes are carefully created by a team of culinary masters using fresh and healthy ingredients.

The brand has been featured on the top ten list of “America’s Best” by Food Network’s Alton Brown and Bobby Flay’s top ten destinations in the USA. It has also been featured nationally on The Cooking Channel and Rachel Ray. In Singapore, Slappy Cakes has been awarded “Best in Hands-On Kids Cooking Experience”, “Best of Best Family-Friendly Restaurant”, “Best Dessert Awards”, and most recently “Best Family-Restaurant 2020/21” by Parents World.


A casual-dining restaurant, Duckland is born out of a ‘farm-to-fork’ concept emphasizing on serving robust dishes from meat as fresh as you can get. The ducks used are air-flown
directly from the Silver Hill Farm in Ireland, where they are hand-reared under very stringent farming guidelines which ensure that the ducks are of excellent quality. The care taken in breeding and raising the Silver Hill duck is impeccable, to say the least.

The star on the menu – the Irish Duck – is a unique and cultivated hybrid of the Peking Duck and Aylesbury Duck that are specially bred for its density and porous skin. Duckland’s menu
specialises in roast duck and other duck-inspired dishes including Duck Confit & Waffle Duck Fried Rice, Duck Pie, Spaghetti Duck Bolognese and others. There is also a good selection of beverages to complement – such as refreshing signature lemonades, Irish beers, and Irish ciders.

The philosophy behind the farming of the ducks as well as its genuine high quality make Duckland a naturally appealing concept. Duck is generally considered healthier meat than
other poultry. It offers a wide range of nutritional value including healthy fats and protein. In fact, majority of the fat in duck meat are healthier monounsaturated fat that is known to help reduce unhealthy cholesterol levels.


TungLok Seafood, launched in 2000, is one of the most established seafood brands in Singapore. The designs of the restaurants are kept simple, clean and spacious, with live fish tanks featured in the main dining areas, offering a visual treat to diners. There are currently 4 TungLok Seafood outlets – 3 in Singapore and 1 in Beijing, China.

The brand’s dining concept specializes in the best of Singapore-style Seafood prepared with high quality and standards synonymous with the TungLok brand.

Specialities at TungLok Seafood include the Singapore Chilli Crab (a national dish of Singapore), the Original and award-winning Wasabi Mayo Prawns, and TungLok Curry Fish Head. The brand also popularized dishes like the White Pepper Crab and Special Braised Bee Hoon with Freshly-peeled Crab meat. Favourites amongst diners also include the TungLok Seafood Platter with sashimi and fresh oysters, Wok-baked Lobster, as well as its selection of Grilled and Steamed Fish.

Seafood is well-loved amongst many diners globally, and the familiarity and popularity of the cuisine among the audience is also key. All these, coupled with the association to the household TungLok brand, create a formula for success.


TungLok Signatures is the flagship of TungLok Group. The restaurant opened in Singapore in 1984 as TungLok Shark’s Fin Restaurant at the then Liang Court Shopping Centre. At a
time when fine dining Chinese was a rarity, the restaurant stood out very well in the F&B scene. It relocated to Clarke Quay Central in 2007 and was renamed TungLok Signatures. Since then, it has opened another 2 outlets in Singapore.

The brand prides itself in its traditional Cantonese culinary masterpieces, coupled with its dedicated warm service and elegant ambience. TungLok Signatures has been a part of
many happy occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, corporate dinners, and many other celebrations.

Its menu concept is centred upon a unique combination of traditional Cantonese cuisine and TungLok’s creative contemporary specialities. All of the dishes are carefully crafted and
prepared using premium ingredients. Amongst the signature dishes are the Roast Suckling Pig stuffed with Glutinous Rice, Traditional-style Baked Fortune Chicken, and Steamed Garoupa Fillet in Chicken Stock and Wine. The reputation of TungLok Signatures is a culmination of 3 decades (and beyond) of efforts in brand building and excellent product offering. Our masterchefs’ skillful execution and innovative vision have produced a unique dining concept that has continued to impress diners through the years.

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