Some leaders seem to have it easy when managing a business team or work group while achieving great success. Is it knowing one’s personality and using it to suit the people working for and/or under you that marks the differences? Or is it the management of various personalities in your business/ team? Look no further as Joshua Luke conducts a fast personality profiling card test for participants on the spot. From Mediator to Abider to Challenger to Diverger to Opportunist to Engager to Relaxer, let this session provide invaluable insights to master your personality traits into creating powerful strategies to ace oneself as a successful Business Leader!

  1. Introduction to and Importance of Knowing One’s Personality & Strategically Utilising it for Success in Business and at Work as a Leader
  2. Background to MACDOER SpectrumTM Personality Profiling and Discovering Your Personality & Traits through MACDOER Spectrum Personality Profiling on-the-spot through the Consultative Cards
  3. 3 Powerful Tips for Each Spectrum Type (personality profiles) to Excel as a Business Leader Target Audience

This course is designed for any personnel, managing a business and/or a team at work, who wants to discover and know more about their personality & traits, and use them to his or her advantage to handle and manage various personalities in the team to achieve great success.